stupid, stupid, stupid people!

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I never thought I’dbe using a quote from Survivor, but gee..when it fits, use it!

(oh, and if you can identify the survivor that said that classic line, I’ll send you a prize. you must name the survivor and the series.)

So, here we go. I’m officially 40 points dumber than I started out today. I talked to the outlaws 4 times! They bought us a new bed for Christmas, and it’s from IKEA. gotta love IKEA. But I digress…the outlaws wanted to make sure we knew it was shipped, and could not provide a tracking number or ANYTHING for the package, which cost sooo much to ship. (I was appaled at the shipping costs myself. I can’tbelieve what they charge, but that’s neither here nor there.) So, then, after having to answer 90 billion questions about who could help us get it up the stairs, stupid fatheroutlaw asked me if we had gotten the package from UPS. Ummm..Nope. UPS came earlier today with Margot’s pressie, but that was it. He kept insisting that I had the package, and I asked him for the tracking number…and THEY COULDN’T FIND IT. WTF?

Please explain this to me. How can one person send 4 packages (to others as well as us) through UPS and NOT KEEP THE TRACKING!!!

See? Stupid, stupid, stupid people!

So, the jerk finds the tracking, and calls me back (see the IQ points dropping?), and says that “Our UPS guy said it wouold be there tonight. He knows things you don’t.”

So, I get teh tracking number, shove it into the UPS site, and guess where our package is?

SYRACUSE!!!!! (about 5 hours away.)
The sucker will get here tomorrow.

He said “well, it’ll be there by 8:00.”
I said “No, it won’t. I’m not counting my chickens. I’ll call back and tell you that it’s not here. I can pretty much guarantee that.”
he said “No, it’ll be there. they guaranteed me delivery today.”
me: “That’s nice. but it’s not happening.”
I proceed to explain that UPS has already been through today, and they don’t come through the area more than once. that’s the way it works.

we hang up.

So, I take Isaac to Boston Market for dinner, and we come back, and LO AND BEHOLD…No package.
I call, and I tell them their UPS guy is full of puckey. I also proceed to track the other packages and find out where they are, and where they’ve been, much to their amazement.

and then, I make sure that they know that I had to fish ANOTHER postage due package out of the post office, to the tune of 5.00! They then begin their bullcrap routine about people being old and I’ll do it when I get to be 80. No, I wont. Then they start in about how people just get forgetful when they get old. Yeah, right. My gram is over 80, and she’s NEVER sent a peice of mail wrong in her life. That clammed them up hardcore.

I could tell that they were getting disgusted with me because I had made some very good points and basically pointed out their shortcomings (trusting a UPS store instead of the tracking and me for starters) generally didn’t kowtow to their whiney garbage. So, conversation was ended.

Oh, and get this…Fatheroutlaw kept telling me how sorry he felt for me and my torn up ankle. Yeah, stop lying. I could sue your homeowners for this…but I digress again.

Can they get any more vapid and stupid? SAVE ME.

and someone give me something to raise my IQ back to normal.


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