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We had one heck of a Christmas here.

Christmas with a 2.5 year old is always interesting. He had more fun, and got two tons of his beloved cars. The train table that my mom and dad got him was a HUGE hit. He now runs back and forth from the living room to the mud room playing with all of the cars, trains and other wacko items he got…filling his Muckety Muck with blocks and driving it around, it’s just what he does.

I think the best thing about the whole holiday was just being around here…not travelling, not being 3,000 miles away…all of it. As much as I miss California, it’s nice to be home, and not just have contact via phone. I actually enjoyed being part of the “dysfunction” this year. And oh, man, was it dysfunction. Let’s just say that there were some BIG shocks, and some not so big shocks (my cousin’s socially retarted daughter…) this year..wowers.

We had the share of weirdness from the outlaws. The gifts from the basement were in full force, with a STUFFED PILLSBURY DOUGH BOY that both Doug and I admitted had been in their basement since at least we were dating. Wanna know what Isaac did with it? He said “SNOWMAN!!” and chucked it over his shoulder, a la the kids with the socks in A Christmas Story.

We had a great dinner at Jack’s Oyster House. The lobster bisque is divine. I highly reccomend it. So does Isaac who conned at least 1/4 of my bowl out of me, as well as Doug’s salad. He even ate his whole dinner. Isaac was an absolute joy at Jack’s. Isaac charmed the patrons as well as the staff, saying please, thank you and “all done” to the waitstaff and others. That’s my boy!

I hope I’m as good as my mom when it comes to gifts. I thought the email I sent her EONS ago had gone unnoticed with all of the turmoil, but it didn’t. Last night, I got the most awesome gift…mom and dad had gone and ordred me a swift and a Nostpinde from Dragonfly Turnings. My swift and nosty are made of this beautiful maple, and has the most BEAUTIFUL heart pin of cherry. The Nosty feels like it has just a soul. I can’t describe it, but man, it’s got this “vibe” to it that I can’t describe. I hold it, and there’s just something about it. It’s almost other worldly.

My sis is another “primo” gift giver. This kid nails it every time with everyone. For me, it was Season 1 of Anamaniacs. love those. Come on, West Side Pigeons anyone? Great Wakkarotti? good stuff! For Doug, it was the hallmark “I double dog dare ya” ornament with a copy of the anniversary edition of A Christmas Story. For Isaac, it was a Doodlebops DVD, and this cool remote control car. Isaac adores it. it’s just PERFECT.

So, I went shopping for a few things today, and found the stores a LOT less crowded than I thought they would be. After PT, I went to Old Navy, and got the best stuff. I ordered a few things on line, but today, I went infor Socks for Isaac, and came out with more than that, for less than 40.00. I came out with the following…
1 pair pajama pants for me
1 pair of matching slippers for me
1 sweatshirt for Doug
1 pair stripey jammies for Isaac (he looks SO dang cute in stripes!!)
3 packs cushioned, treadded socks for Isaac that match a BUNCH of his outfits.

Then, from, I ordered Isaac (again, less than 40.00)
1 pair painter jeans
1 pair fleece pants
1 pair “Moosing around” jammies

can’t go wrong, can ya? Especially with gift cards.

Then, I had a horror story experience at Toys R us. I’m not going ot post it just yet, because I ended up filing a complaint, more about their behavior than policy, and am wating for the corporate response.


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Happy Holidays Does anyone remember this?

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