Bookstore debacle #2

December 29, 2006 at 9:57 pm Leave a comment

The finale of this kind of sums up the experice of this evening. I called my mom and said: “Mom. Please, next time I mention going to Borders or Barnes and Noble to look for a book, please slap me and say “BOOK HOUSE, DAMNIT!!”

Now that you’ve seen the ending, you kind of get a glimpse at what’s to come…so here goes.

Last night at drop in knitting, a woman came in with the most DIVINE fingerless gloves- the yarn does all of the work..and they have a subtle twist and look like they’re knited in entrelac diamonds-but they’re not…, and the book “Not Just Socks” by Sandi Rosner. We drooled. And drooled…and said “OH MY!” My brain went: “Must have that book. Must make those gloves!”

This morning, I dive onto Amazon, and find out that the book would take 3-4 weeks to get. must have it NOW. I’m in a Veruca Salt mode. On the way home from dinner, I decided Isaac andI would stop at the local B&N. Fine. Asked the info desk, and they said:” ummm..I can get the 2nd one, but not the first one. Do you want me to order the 2nd one? The first one is just so hard to get. Just go and order it on line.”

ummm..that’s what I was trying to AVOID. I decined the order, and allowed Isaac to play on the train table.

We left, came home, and Isaac got in jammies and went to bed. I decided to call Borders. Can anyone say “Mistake #2?”

get on the phone wiht Borders, and they tell me the BOOK DOES NOT EXSIST!!!!!!!!

Yeah, right.

I tell them that I have it pulled up on their store online and they should have it.

They’re not the brightest batch…idiot keeps telling me that the doesn’t exist.


So, I finally get smart. I make a phone call to Book House. For the uninitiated, Book House is the local, indie book store that is just an amazing place. They hire SMART people and even carry a serious selection of foreign language books. They also have this amazing series of events, book signings and other things. Whoopie!!!

So, I get on the phone with them, and get the sweetest person. She goes into her computer and finds out that the book is SUPER hard to get, because it LOOKS LIKE the book is on its way out of print, even though it was only published on Jan 31, 2005. So, she’s contacting hte publisher, seeing if they have a copy and then if they dont’, they’re going to let me decide if I want to go after it as an out of print book.

See? I should have called there FIRST.
I’m going there tomorrow to pick up a book for my pal.
from here on out, they’ll get all of my book money.



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