“Do you have some sort of grey cloud over you or something?”

January 4, 2007 at 4:28 pm Leave a comment

I swear, that’s the way I feel these days.

Let’s detail the past few days.

1) I wake up on Jan 2 wiht my eye gooped closed. Umm..pink eye anyone?
-get medicine and then get some new needles for the STR purple rain socks as my prize for being on the phone with outlaws for an hour…

2) yesterday, I cancelled my dentist appointment because of item 1, and procededto get a phone call from Isaac’s school at 9:04 (so it was marked on the caller ID). Isaac fell, hit his head on a chair and split it open. I took him to the Ellis Hospital ER for stitches. What an enjoyable morning. Sitting on my child while they papoosed him and put 3 stitches in his head. Fun. At least my PT appointment was able to be pushed back until later in the day….

While at Ellis, a nurse proceeded to yell at my child. I was not happy. She’s lucky I was more concerned about keeping my child calm rather than take her head off.

3) I’m attached to an electrostim unit for an hour a day. Normally, not a bad thing,but just in conjunction with the other things, it’s just a PITA. They’re try6ing to get the swelling out of my ankle so that I can move better and get stronger. On top of the electrostim, now, the PT saw my knee wobble. SOOO, I’m doing knee strengthening exercises. Do you believe it? All from a fall down 3 stairs. ICKY.

So, 2007 is still a continuation of 2006. wacky.

Oh, and I’m behind ona ton of swaps that were due out just before and just after the ankle fiasco. FUN. The post office is going to LOVE me in a week or so.


Oh,a nd later, when I can manage toget the insane 2 year old to bed, I’ll post about the item that I promised a post about when I got the corporate response. The corporate response came today….


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Question Toys R Us and the corporate response

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