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Reason number 5 trillion why my husband is a dork.

Taken at my sister’s wedding. 

HEY DOUG! The 80’s called! They want their camera back!!!


February 27, 2007 at 10:35 pm 1 comment

You know you’ve been working with little ones too long…

when you can decipher your toddler singing things like “5 little monkeys swinging in a tree” by the word “SNAP!!” and him making faces, teasing Mr. Alligator. 

And on top of that, he’s singing head, shoulders, knees and toes at top speed. That’s just hilarious. 

I made Isaac a new hat. Pictures and the mighty seam goof up tomorrow, when I can get a pic of boy in his new hat!

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On Britney Spears

I often read Dooce for her take on everything lifewise, and her hilarious photographs. BUT, when I went to her site today, I found such a scarily thought provoking take on Ms. Spears from someone who I admire for their candor and sarcasm. 

She supposes that Brittney may have some sort of Post-partum depression. 

I tend to agree, or even a Major depressive episode. She’s broken. She’s gone crazy. She’s self medicating…

What kills me is that everyone has said “she’s a wackjob.” Ok, fine and dandy, but what about those two kiddles? What about those two little boys who have zero clue why mommy shaved her head and got more tattoos? 

I just remember the look on Isaac’s face Monday when the crap hit the fan with Dad. he didn’t know what to make of Mommy screaming and going slightly manic. Can you imagine what these poor kids of hers are going through? 

Is she a danger? I dunno. I think she needs to stay in rehab and get her crap together and THEN figure out the best interests of her children. If it’s with that K-fed guy, fine. If it’s with her, fine. BUT, she needs to get it together and look at all of the options. Not just the ones that matter to make her look good in the press.

ALSO, Dooce makes a killer point…if you were in the throws of a divorce, compounded by depression and YOU had cameras following your every move waiting to say something nasty, wouldn’t you be a bit psycho too? 

So, there’s my take. As a mom, I feel for her. As a person with some psych training, I feel even more for her. 

I think that what she needs most is people pulling for her to get better and be a Mommy. Not snap pics at inopportune times to make cash.

February 24, 2007 at 9:49 am 1 comment

Things you thought you’d never say…

“Monkey- Please put the pyrex back in the kitchen and take the fish out and put it back on the fridge.”

He came out with it like this and said “I put it in! It’s SWIMMING!!”

February 23, 2007 at 10:29 pm 1 comment

Which child needs therapy more??

So, the other day, Isaac and I headed to Chuck E. CHeese to meet up with Beth and Noah. This was kind of a test run for severael reasons. The first being that this is vacation week, and we had a feeking that it would be mobbed, and the second being that Noah is wicked afraid of the guy in the mouse constume. Noth that I blame him, because it is kind of freaky…but I digress. 

So we get in , and it’s a MOB SCENE. And 30 seconds later, here comes that dang mouse! Noah goes nuts. Isaac could care less. I look around and see things that I could NOT believe were going on…like the following…

1) an older child was attempting to beat up characters in the “see yourself on TV” and pretty much brutalize them. 
2) Other parents actually pushing children out of the way to get to games for their children and the redemption desk to turn on those stupid tickets
3) Staff members just being brain deficient…

So, the long and short of it, is we didn’t stay. We went to Pizza Uno for lunch, and as we walked through the parking lot to get to  the place, Beth and I were discussing what kid would need therapy more…Hers…or a friend’s child…the exact line was “My child  freaks out over letters and numbers. He’s gonna need a shrink..”  My line? “No. Not in the lsightest. Your child doesn’t have to “save the soap from the drain” ” Her line “ok. that wins.”

And be it known, that Isaac doesn’t care about the soap and the drain…but he’s going to need a shrink for other reasons…and what frightens me more is those kids at Chuck E. Cheese.  And their parents. Those kids are going to need shrinks.

February 23, 2007 at 5:09 am 2 comments


I haven’t blogged in the past few days…and here’s why…

At a post wedding brunch for my darling sister, my dad collapsed. He has a ruptured abdominal aortic anurysm. 

He is currently in the CPU at Albany Medical Center after surgery. He is alive, and CAN breathe on his own, but he needs to get a few more tons of fluid off him before he can do that comfortably. 

Long road ahead. 

and me? I’m the info person. That’s just who I am…

February 21, 2007 at 9:03 pm 2 comments

In which I go deeper into the bowels of parenting hell.

This evening, after getting my hair done (a lovely shade of red..and pressed out…no curls tonight, my pretties!), I took Isaac to dinner and wal mart. At wal mart, I broke down, and purchased my arch nemisis…


This is what a rough week will do…will lower willpower and have you do things that you don’t normally do. Between the date, the other stuff going on around me and the damn snowstorm, I am not of my normal strong mindset when it comes to those freaky Aussies. And Maeve- Shaddup. It is explainable. They freak me out. Get over it.

Isaac was thrilled. I am debating taking the sucker back and saying “I had a brain fart. I really don’t want this.” But, Isaac loves it…

But, I’m being banished for this.  Wiggledancing is now a part of our dvd inventory. 

Oh, hell. Save me.

February 15, 2007 at 8:00 pm 2 comments

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