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and the debacle continues

So I had a meeting with boss #1 today, and basically it was a ‘you don’t really fit here” meeting, but they’re not letting me go…huh. weird. 

after all was said and done, I asked about the confusion on my pay.  Mainly if they were going to pay me or not, and if not, why the misleading email. 

I think the phrase “According to the email either you or (boss #2) sent..” and the details sprung them into action. 

So, it may be payday..or not. We’ll see. 

But, I still have mom’s windfall, albeit a loan, but I can still go no matter what. 

So, on a good note, I’ll see you all Monday evening. 

Drexel Hill, here I come!


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I’ve tried….

Not to complain about work, but this takes the cake.

I didn’t attend the conference in NY because of dad. I submitted refund stuff 3x…and it’s in process. THey won’t pay me until they get the check. NIce and illegal, huh? Oh, and considering I have a paper trail that states that if they know the check is coming, they’ll pay me..but they changed the rules at oh, NOON today…and when I went in to talk to them after working, they were GONE at 1:15. Smooth, isn’t it?

So, I tearily called Maeve and told her that I wasn’t coming this weekend….

then I called mom to tell her if she needed anything I’d be around, and give her the update and ask her about Spinelli. 

She has insisted on lending me the money for my trip. I told her no about 10x. 

She still insisted…told me to call Maeve and tell her I was coming…

I (for only the 3rd time in my natural life) did what I was told.

So, Mom rules. I don’t know what I’d do without her. 

I couldn’t blow dodge this weekend without her and her wonderfullness.

March 28, 2007 at 4:09 pm 1 comment

My boy of boys…

For those of you who haven’t heard, Extreme Home Makeover is in town..and it’s all of 10 blocks from my house!

So, this morning, I was browsing on the Times Union website, and found a video of the demolition that took place yesterday…

Isaac heard the “hum” of machinery and came running over to the laptop to see what I was watching. He sat down right next to me and began a running commentary that went something like this:

“ooh! Lookit! it’s DIGGING!”
“It’s coming all the way down! It’s digging it out! WOW!”
“the house all gone! It’s all gone!!”

and then 2 minutes later…

“wanna watch digging and house gone again!”

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The joys of baking

Tomorrow, Isaac and I are attending playgroup at church. We’ve been asked to bring our favorite treat…ok. Fine. 

Normally, I’d bring my evil peanut butter brownies, but, not feeling like dealing with that huge project, I did the break and bake hannaford peanut butter cup cookies. 

Isaac helped.

Here’s what the little monkey did…

1) got on his stool
2) put 3 cookies on the sheet.
3) pulled two peanut butter cups off of the top of the cookie closest to him
4) said “I’m going to my spot!”
5) left the kitchen, with a “Thank you-welcome!”

some help, huh?

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The problem on their part becomes a HUGE problem on my part..

When the fax machine goes out at the AMS headquarters and I can’t figure out WHY I had never recieved confirmation from either of my faxes….

and I just found out the fax machine went out during hte time I was faxing the items…blah. 

oh, and if I don’t get confirmation this time, I get no paycheck on the 28th. 


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and this is not healing WHY?

Remember that cute little fall I took early in December? The one that was oh, only a sprain? The one that I knew was worse than anything? Yeah. that one. 

Guess what? 

My ankle is still swolen, but at least not to the baseball proportions that it was the week I fell, and still painful. It was so bad that I took a heavy narcotic last night (read: lortab) and woek up with a wicked ass headache. 

Wonder what the doc will say in another 2 weeks when I tell him that it’s still no better? Wonder if he can force the insurance to pay for MORE physical therapy. 

Right now, I’m in a new brace, and I’m supposed to stay off of uneven terrain. Whatever. That’s NOT possible working in a preschool-kindy. Soo, I’ve taken to wearing tall socks (see last post on Sockdreams.) and convincing myself that I’m NEVER EVER going to fit into those two awesome pairs of sketchers that I got on super deep clearance. 


I’m going to bed to contemplate a way to detach my left ankle from the rest of my body.

Oh,a nd did I mention? The jerks who were behind the entire “run down the stairs to unblock the neighbor’s driveway” bit are showing up on the 17th? Just to ruin my son’s bday and my life for a few days? 


March 21, 2007 at 9:23 pm 2 comments

*bang head here*

Why is it when you write 20-30 notes regarding your lack of flexibility in meeting times and calling times and mention it to oh, everyone who matters from your child’s school, they STILL send you a note home requesting a meeting at
oh, let’s see…

11:30 in the middle of a school day. 

This is after I’ve written notes to the effect that I am NOT available from 8 am to 2 pm, and it takes me about 30 minutes (with traffic) to get to school from where I am in East Nowhere. 


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