My Favorite online LYS!

March 15, 2007 at 2:48 pm Leave a comment

Let me tell you all about Hello Yarn! The shop is owned by Adrian, and she’s absolutely amazing as a designer and a dyer!  AND let me tell you all the reasons why I adore her….and her shop.

So, during the evil cold snap that we just got out of, I decided to make a pair of what I have dubbed “Niti Mittens.” Niti is a woman I work with who immigrated to the US from India. Her favorite line when it’s cold is “It is FREEZING!”  She looks like Nanook of hte North whenever it drops below 40 degrees! Therefore, I have dubbed Thrummed mittens “Niti Mittens,” because Niti heard about them, and asked if I could make her a pair…and I just might. 

So, everyone knows that you need fiber (of the unspun kind) to thrum. But, where to get fiber in this godforsaken hole of a place??? Well, Insert Hello Yarn! I emailed Adrian and asked her opinion on the thrumming, and what fiber was best. She emailed me back with some choices and I was all happy and content. THEN, an hour and a half later, Adrian emails me AGAIN with a note that my question had pushed her into making bags of fiber to thrum with! Well, I shot over to the website, and purchased a bag! Whoopie! FIBER!!! 

Yesterday, my box of wooly goodness arrives on my doorstep. I opened it up, and along with a business card, there was a postcard with a note….thanking me for giving her the push to put these on the site, and that they were super popular. As I dove into the beautifully wrapped package, there were 2 bags of fiber…

My head spun…had I ordered 2 bags? I looked at my invoice, and nope. just ordered one! So, I looked at the labels on the bag…one had the number (I ordered thrum 2) and the other had a heart. So, Adrian, to thank me for the push, sent me an extra bag! 

Oh, my. 

The wool is soft, beautiful and bright, and will look SMASHING in my mittens! 
I’ve always loved her store before…and now, I love her even more. She is just the bestest online LYS owner. Her products are beautiful and she really caters to the needs of her customers…as evidenced by my above tale of thrumming needy-ness. 

Go visit Adrian’s store. You won’t be dissapointed.


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