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Knitting and NASCAR

Yesterday, for the first time in weeks, I got over to the yarn shop for Sunday knitting and was hoping to get some help fixing the monkey sock. Somehow, I lost 2 stitches on the instep. I couldn’t find those lost 2 stitches, and it was making my life a holy terror. So, I wander in and ask Robena and Sue for help. They send me to Pat who is there to knit as well. I ask if she’s gota minute to help me. She gives me a serious ‘tude after looking at it for a few seconds. She got all pissed on top of it, because she didn’t get the pattern. I offered her the chart and the written directions, but she refused and began to rip out stitches. She almost ripped alll the way to the pickups! Her line? “I don’t understand your pattern, so I’m just going to tink back until I get it. So, I asked her to please fix what she had ripped (at least redo the pickups) and she got all pissy with me again,a nd told me she was leaving ina few minutes, so I took the yarn back and put it away to look at it another time, because I was so upset with the entire thing. THEN, she proceded to sit int eh shop and work on her scrap socks and chat with another person for another 2.5 hours. Ummm. It would have taken her 3 seconds to pickup the stitches on my heel that she pulled out. And as for the attitude, I will be speaking with Robena today, beecause I don’t want anyone else to get her ‘tude when they send people to her for help. I’d rather have Sue or Robena doa slight screwball than have ‘tude.

And, what did Isaac do this morning?
No, NOT pull out my knitting. He decided this morning that he wanted to watch NASCAR in Imax. We have it on DVD. So, the little goofball quietly opened the DVD player, pulled out what we had in there,and inserted the NASCAR DVD (after getting it out of the case). When Doug and I got downstairs to help him out from his latest bout of being sick and grumpy,we saw the DVD in the player, and the player wide open. Isaac told us “I’m sitting on the couch! I want to watch NASCAR!”

Ok, fine, Monkey.


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Things you thought you’d never say

“Isaac! Do not bang on Booger! She is NOT a drum! The cat is NOT a drum set!”

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The toddler version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show

So, Maeve and I were on the phone the other night discussing our trip to see the Freaky Aussies. Yes, I’m doing this for Isaac. But, onto the conversation.

So, we were discussing parking, what to bring and the like. We had to discuss this, because what we bring, and how much of it has to do with if we take the train in or drive. I think we’re driving, because we’ve only got 2 of the three kids…but here’s the list of what we’re taking…

snacks for the road
dog bones

In creating this list, it dawned on me that this was the equivalent of the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the toddler set! think about it! when I went to RHPS, I had to get a list of things…and that list looked something like this…

toilet paper
playing cards
squirt guns

And I had a similar conversation witha friend with who was bringing what.

I wonder how long it will take to have Isaac raiding my pantry for rice and taking the toilet paper off my roll (like I did) to go to RHPS. I think I’ve created a firm foundation.

I need to go and make some toast.

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Music class preview-whoah mama!

So, today we took Isaac to an open house for The Music Studio. This place has been around 30 years, and the program is amazing.

I’m thinking the open house was not a good gauge of what Isaac can do. First off, there were so many kids…it was hard for him to even think straight. He’s used to 12 kids, 5 teachers. This was 14 kids in one room, plus parents. LOTS of people. Normally, classes are locked off at 8 kids. Tons of instruments, ect. Isaac wanted to play everything.

the program is amazing as always…and it hasn’t changed since Margot was in it.

When Isaac was on, he did well. Identified Middle C. Sang, played and stopped, TRIED to draw Middle C on his a sticker for trying!

I think this will be good for him. He’ll be going at the end of August, so we’ve got time to get him ready, time to increase demands. Time to make school help me out in this. Time for me to give the director a call and have a LONG conversation regarding Isaac, and summer AND fall. AND to get things from his therapists so that we can share them with his teacher for music. It’s important.

Wow. My child’s first music class. this is a milestone. I really think he’s going to love this.

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Here we go again…

It’s that time of year…the time where I get all irritated at Nisky schools because they tick me off in the meeting.

I got the meeting notice today, and we’re ont he calendar for 6/12.

Let the phone calls to the district for “NO PARENT REP” begin because I know that if I don’t have that fit now, a parent rep will show up, act stupid and tick me off. It will not be pretty.

So, my Monday will consist of
1) calling Isaac’s school to let them know I have the meeting notice.
2) calling the school district and having a hissy fit about the parent rep and letting them know that we’re coming. Also, I will let them know I will be a bug about qualifying him for summer. I will fight until the end of time for him to go over the summer!

I hate this time of year. I just hate it.

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Blogable 1-liners…

Heard at work…

me: “Ok. go in, go to the bathroom, and come out. We have to get back.”
G: “Laura- ‘dere’s a plunger in there.”
me: “well, go and use the other bathroom.”
G: “‘dere’s no plunger in that one.”

Heard on the phone regarding my outlaws…
“Did they take some sort of stupid pill that makes them immune to common sense?”

Heard on the phone while watching Grey’s Anatomy…

Maeve: “So, I can’t stand Sydney…”
Me: “her Perky-Perky Shit has got to end. I want to slap her.”
Maeve: “you know, you have to blog this.”

And so I did.

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From the “what were you thinking” files

So, the outlaws were here. Does that explain my lack of blogging? It should. 

Let’s just hit the high points of their visit, shall we?

1) They bought Isaac a baseball and bat set. They then proceeded to play ball in the house, and not understand WHY I went off the deep end when I came downstairs and caught it. 

2) They tried to rip out my gardens and put hedges in, and then didn’t understand why I went off the deep end about them touching my crocuses. 

3) They made fun of my Disney art.  Umm….these are collector’s items. Hand drawn. I shall display them whenever and wherever I wish.

4) They hoodwinked my parents into thinking they were changed people. Sorry, Mom and Dad…you lose this one based on the next item.

5) MOL allowed Isaac to (ready?) STAND ON HIS TRAIN TABLE while she layed on the floor la-de-da-ing, and then when I let her have it for what she did ( anyone?) she turned on her big crocodile tears and went on and on about how she doesn’t even know her grandson and she’s spent all of 10 hours with him, and how now he won’t like her because I disciplined him in front of her. This is when I lost it on her even more by confronting her with the facts…THEY created this situation by not being around.  THEY are the ones who have made minimal effort until this year to see him. THEY are the ones that missed his first birthday after making a HUGE deal out of it. THEY are the ones who s how up when he’s in school, and get all hot and bothered when we won’t pull him out, THEY are the ones who try to buy him off and throw tons of presents at him, as innapropriate as they may be. THEY are the ones who have made the c hoices that they made, and they have to live with them. THEY are the ones who circumvent the rules in a desperate attempt to make Isaac love them. Doesn’t work that way. She didn’t get it. In one ear, out the other. And you know this will get twisted around so I’m the bad one who “won’t let her touch her grandson.”  Whatever.

6)  Thiis one is just hilarious. 
MOL: “The wrapping paper is held on with rubber bands becaue the maid at the hotel stole our scotch tape.” 

Yeah..uh huh. Maids really want to steal scotch tape. Phone cards (as mom well knows) yes, money, yes…but scotch tape? What the heck? And please do note…the continuance of “blame everyone but themselves for their actions” mode. 

And finally, the be all end all of their behavior…

7) Upon their departure, I asked Isaac to give them each a hug. FOL PUSHED ISAAC AWAY after demanding his attention and love for the entire time he was here. This was also after demaniding that Isaac be around because they were in town, even though they were outside working in the yard.

Gee, message anyone? 

and they’re freakin coming back in August. I think I’ll convienently be at Maeve’s.

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