The coolest birthday in a long time, hands down

April 3, 2007 at 7:54 pm 3 comments

So, here I am, back from Drexel Hill and Maeve’s house…
Where hilarity is the norm, and pirates abound…with rum drinks, might I add!

So, let’s just start at the beginning… Fair warning…this is going to be wicked photo heavy..because there’s nothing better than seeing it with your own two eyes…

We got there on Friday night, around 11, beacuse we started out WAAAAYYYY later than we expected to. Come on, I needed to get a new hoodie at Old Navy so I could finally retire my J.Crew beat up brown sweater that doesn’t really keep warm anyhoo…and Isaac needed some pull ups and things at Target. 

We tossed Isaac into bed with Kieran and Rowan who were in sleeping bags! Isaac thought that was cooler than anything!! Then, Doug and I went and hung around wiht Maeve and Nathan. I started making pasta salad for the party the next day, which the theme…I’m not stating…just know that I helped make this:

Yes, that is Nathan dressed up as Captain Feathersword from the freaky Aussie thing . Get the theme??
Yes, I was frightened. All day. 
The party was a smashing success, considering the kids had a blast, and the food was Freaky Aussie themed. (Hot potatoes, cold spaghetti, mashed banana, Rosey tea, and of course, Fruit salad.)

Let’s discuss the decorations. Maeve ordered 2 dozen balloons in the appropriate colors. No, not a problem, but the strings were ABNORMALLY LONG! ABNORMALLY LONG!
Let me show you.

This is the top of one of the baloon bunches. Note the strings…..

This is the bottom of same said baloon bunch. Note the strings go and TOUCH THE FLOOR! See? Abnormally long!

This is Melissa showing us the abnormally long string that we used to wind up Nathan. He enjoyed that way too much.

The party wound down, and the boys decided that it was a good time to finish playing “Dig with Wags,” now that the other kiddles were gone, they could have the entire bin of shredded paper and graham scooby snacks to themselves. 

Forget the grahams…there’s shredded paper to be played with! 

And pirates to dress up as!

The boys went to bed happy as larks and exhausted as well!!

So, the next day was MY big birthday. I was greeted with birthday hugs from all around and a question of the hour…
“So, what do you want to do today??”
Here was my only demand…
“I need to make a Trader Joe’s run today. I’m going through Mango Sauce withdrawl.”
Then, we all thought about it, and we said “How ’bout lunch out and a movie with everyone?”
That was a plan in my book…

SOOOO, we got the boys and ourselves ready at top speed, and headed out to King of Prussia Mall. 
Maeve and I went in one car with 2 boys and Doug and Nathan rode in the other with 1 boy. SOOO, Maeve and I went to the theater first, bought our tickets (good me.) and then met Nathan and Doug and Isaac over at Cheesecake Factory! YUMMMYYYYY!!!

THe boys are all into riding on shoulders…and Thank goodness, I was the photographer in this one!!! 

We all ate until we were stuffed. Just know that the Miso Salmon is to die for, and the burgers are H-mongous!!
Then, we went to see “Meet the Robinsons.” 
This was Isaac’s FIRST MOVIE!!! He was absolutely floored by the whole thing, sat quietly, ate my reeses peices…and some popcorn…and waved goodbye when it was done. Maeve took some “first movie” shots…and here’s one…

About Meet the Robinsons…That T-rex joke never gets old. “I have a very big head..and Little tiny arms. Maybe this could have been thought through a little better.   Master?”

We took all involved home after the movie, and had “rest time” when Maeve and I snuck out to Trader Joe’s. We went to 2. Why? THe first one had NO MANGO SAUCE!!!! Herasy, I tell you!!! Herasy!!!

So, now we’re stocked up until next time we go….yum. 

Then, we picked up the boys, and went to Bruster’s for Ice cream. It was “come in your jammies, get freebies” night! Whoopie!! 
Those pics are to follow. They’re quite hilarious. Maeve took those…
THe best line of the evening was Kieran looking at me and asking me, with a mouth full of ice cream cone…”Can I have some more ice cream???” It was all I could do not to die laughing.

Monday, we went home. *sigh* That’s a complete other post…We went the LONG way home. GUess who was NOT driving??? Yep, that would be me. 

But what do I have to say to sum up this weekend? Man. It was awesome. Thanks to all involved, I had the best birthday in a LONG time. It wasn’t because of the amazing gift I got from Maeve, Nathan, Rowan and Kieran (a beautiful necklace that is just amazing…) it was because I just did everything I wanted and was with freinds and family. I was out of East Boondock, Laughing, watching my son be mesmerized by a movie (and a hilarious T-Rex…Big head..little tiny hands!!) Watching Pirates 2 with rum drinks, and just hanging. It was the calmest, fun-est birthday on record. 

And To Maeve, Nathan, Kieran and Rowan-
Thank you all. We had an amazing time, and your hospitality is just amazing. Thank you so much for everything. Isaac can’t stop talking about how he wants a sleeping bag now…and how he had fun with Rowan and Kieran.  He keeps talking about Captain Feathersword and dinosaurs…This trip was one for the books.
And to Rowan-
Thank you for your generosity and sweetness in letting Isaac borrow a car from you. You are one special kiddle 🙂 
And to my April Birthday buddy, Kieran…Happy birthday, little man! We can’t wait until you 4 can get down here again…and we’re planning for August…either those scary aussies or renfair! 

So, this is me, back to the grind in East Boondock.


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. anonymous  |  April 4, 2007 at 4:23 am

    Happy Birthday!

    That post first movie picture is brilliant!


  • 2. mischief0617  |  April 4, 2007 at 2:15 pm

    We had a great time this weekend, and it was LOTS of fun for us and the boys, too! They now want to sleep in their sleeping bags every night, LOL.

  • 3. anonymous  |  April 5, 2007 at 2:06 pm

    I am so glad you had such a special day!! And this is only anonymous cuz I don’t know how to work this thing! You deserved a wonderful day and I am glad you got it!! I hope you are having a good week! Love you!



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