Knitting and NASCAR

April 30, 2007 at 8:23 am Leave a comment

Yesterday, for the first time in weeks, I got over to the yarn shop for Sunday knitting and was hoping to get some help fixing the monkey sock. Somehow, I lost 2 stitches on the instep. I couldn’t find those lost 2 stitches, and it was making my life a holy terror. So, I wander in and ask Robena and Sue for help. They send me to Pat who is there to knit as well. I ask if she’s gota minute to help me. She gives me a serious ‘tude after looking at it for a few seconds. She got all pissed on top of it, because she didn’t get the pattern. I offered her the chart and the written directions, but she refused and began to rip out stitches. She almost ripped alll the way to the pickups! Her line? “I don’t understand your pattern, so I’m just going to tink back until I get it. So, I asked her to please fix what she had ripped (at least redo the pickups) and she got all pissy with me again,a nd told me she was leaving ina few minutes, so I took the yarn back and put it away to look at it another time, because I was so upset with the entire thing. THEN, she proceded to sit int eh shop and work on her scrap socks and chat with another person for another 2.5 hours. Ummm. It would have taken her 3 seconds to pickup the stitches on my heel that she pulled out. And as for the attitude, I will be speaking with Robena today, beecause I don’t want anyone else to get her ‘tude when they send people to her for help. I’d rather have Sue or Robena doa slight screwball than have ‘tude.

And, what did Isaac do this morning?
No, NOT pull out my knitting. He decided this morning that he wanted to watch NASCAR in Imax. We have it on DVD. So, the little goofball quietly opened the DVD player, pulled out what we had in there,and inserted the NASCAR DVD (after getting it out of the case). When Doug and I got downstairs to help him out from his latest bout of being sick and grumpy,we saw the DVD in the player, and the player wide open. Isaac told us “I’m sitting on the couch! I want to watch NASCAR!”

Ok, fine, Monkey.


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