Good times with Ikea

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In January, we were the recipients of a NEW BED! Whoopie!

This was an Ikea Aspelund bed, with a brand spanking new mattress and a sweeeeet pillowtop mattress pad, because we love our beds squishy, with some support.

So, since our bedroom is the attic converted, when the weather starts to warm up, we ahve to put our air conditioner in quickly so that we can sleep comfortably! 

Well, about 2 weeks ago, Doug put in our air conditioner. I came home from work and heard the following:
“the air conditoner’s in…but the bed, it’s broken. I had to make an emergency trip to Lowe’s to get some wood screws to hold it. It’s not bad…”

I wander upstairs, and take a look at the bed. This is what I found:
This is the back left side of the headboard…

This is the back Right side of the headboard

Note the very large cracks? I asked Doug exactly what he did, and he said: “I removed the mattress and lifted it up from the bottom. This is what happened.”

So, I get on the phone with Ikea, because this is insane. So, after searching and searching, I find Ikea’s phone number (you know, their website is just NOT set up so you can find those types of things easily!!) and get on the phone with a not terribly helpful associate who tells me to “send photos, because the bed was purchased SO long ago.” Yeah. January is SO long ago. 

So, I grab the camera and snap the above photos. Email them off, and not hear anything and not hear anything, and not hear anything. Meanwhile, the bed is getting looser and looser. Doug’s good temporary fix is starting to be more and more temporary.

Yesterday, he looked at it and gave it a good wiggle and freaked. So, on the phone with Ikea I go again. Before I do this, I re email the photos and the letter that I wrote initially, and marked “**SECOND REQUEST”” ” all over it.  

Get on the phone with Ikea. Get first associate. She confirms my email 4x, and says she can’t find the photos or the email. I start to fume. I tell her extremely politely, but forcefully, that I am out of patience, as this is the second time I’ve sent this, and the bed is falling apart.  She puts me on with “after sales.”

After Sales gets on the phone. They confirm that the email has never gotten through, and I demand an alternate address to send it to, because again, I am out of time, and out of patience with this. So, she finds one for me, and while on the phone with her, I fire the sucker off. She requests to call me back, bcause she has to go through her supervisor to get this email. Fine. I let her know that I’ll be leaving in about an hour and ahalf for a function, and I won’t be back until late, so if she could get back to me before we leave, that would be wonderful. 

So, I go and watch Top Model on VH1, because I hadn’t seen 2 episodes of this cycle, and wanted to catch up, since I heard that one of the photo shoots was so cold that 3 of the girls got frostbite. OUCH. While I’m watching, the phone rings. It’s IKEA DIRECT! Whoopie! Maybe, just maybe I’ll get somewhere with these people….

It’s after sales! They confirm they got the email, and they say (ready…this is actually funny!) “So, you want a replacement rather than credit?”

DAMN SKIPPY I want a replacement! I said that in my 2 emails. If we don’t get a replacement, we have NO BED! 

So, she puts it in her computer to send a new bed to us, and we’re supposed to have it within 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we have to deal with the stupid freight company again. Urban Express. They are the not-so-bright-est people on the face of the planet. When they delivered this bed, they not only argued with us over a time frame, but they then drove it up to the wrong house (with the right addy on their manifest..) and called us and said “we’re sitting in front of your house, but no one’s home.”  Ummmm…no, you’re not. They kept claming that they had the wrong addy on their paperwork. NOT TRUE. So, this time, I will be on the phone with them, saying “you know, at least drum up a GOOD excuse as to why you don’t feel like delivering it to the right house.”

so, here ends (for now) the saga of the bed. I know, with Urban Express in the picture, that we’ll have more drama getting this thing, but here’s hoping not.


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