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May 17, 2007 at 5:34 pm Leave a comment

So, I get Isaac’s long awaited (and insanely delayed) paperwork for his annual review. I hate reading annual reviews, because I cannot get past the fact that to determine eligibility, people writing these suckers (me included) have to use the discrepancy model, and basically slam the parents with what their child CANNOT do, instead of what they can do. Whatever happened to highlighting the positive first?

But, I digress.

Reading hte report and peeking at the goals, I was hit with several glaring errors…but that’s not the worst of it. When I really got down to reading it with a fine tooth comb, it really showed things that I was afraid of over at ECEC.

I’m not sure if it was the teacher change over in Isaac’s room, or what, but the head teacher, Christine, as good as she is, seems to have very little grasp on Isaac. She seems to not know really where he is functioning and where he is not functioning. I feel that she spends too much time reading into things, and her goals? Argh. Shitty. her testing? I can’t get behind that. It’s not really well thought out. Her answers to my questions about things are “well, you can just laugh at that one…” when I asked her about how she wanted me to handle a question on an inventory.

Now, I do have to qualify that with the simple fact that my first year, I probably wrote some really terrible, if not downright shitty goals with some really wacked out objectives. BUT, I had the pleasure and the good sense of a great colleague who would look at my stuff and basically tell me that I was on drugs with things. The simple fact is that Christine has these people, and I don’t understand why she’s not using them.

Looking at the rest of the goals, Cathy (the speech therapist) and Pam (the OT) are so dialed in to Isaac and what he needs. Yes, he’sn ot the only child they see, but damn. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the goals. They are masterfully crafted and really show an understanding of Isaac and what he does. The reports are well thought out and well written.

Then, there is the PT. Or should I say PTs. They are just as NOT dialed in as the head teacher is. Difference? He has ben with Monica and Christi since SEPTEMBER. No excuse not to be dialed in to what he needs. Their goals? Cursory. Their reports? Less detailed than Christine’s.

We have a meeting with them on June 4 to go over this. Just need to state for the record that this was supposed to be on April 18th….but that was a nogo. Again. I digress on that point..

So, we’re going in on June 4 and I’m going in ready for fire. I’m actually drafting a letter to Christine to adress different things that are upsetting with the report. I am NOT a happy human. Then, I will get on the Email with Christi regarding the PT goals. I’m not happy that Monica does not see him, yet wrote the goals for him. It shows a lack of understanding of my child.

So, I wonder, is there some way to get these people dialed in? Is there some sort of beam like there is in Star Trek that can automatically dial people in with a flip of a switch?

If there is, can someone send it my way?


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