Fun things to do with Knitting

May 28, 2007 at 5:34 pm Leave a comment

So, I’m having my usual IM conversation with Beth as I’m parusing sock patterns (what else is there in life??), and came across a pattern over on the anti craft called Bad Juju.

Yes, it’s a VOODOO DOLL!

Now, let me preface this with saying that people who have read my blog for any length of time know that my outlaws are NOT nice people. Unfortunately, Beth’s outlaws are not so nice too. She gets called a Slut, and I get called a Spic Bitch. I figure that’s 2 sides of the same coin.

So, as we’re talking, I let her know that I should (with some scrap yarn) make a set of voodoo dolls for her and a set for me…call hers Moo and Flower (her outlaws) and mine Vapid and Colostomy (mine), and get some serious straightpins and we’d stab them as they’re on the phone with our other halves.

Beth’s line…
“and then we’ll have them ask “How’s your_________(fill in body part that we’re stabbing).”
Then, she told me she felt a blog entry coming on.

How could I dissapoint??

So, I was discussing this blog with Beth, and told her that people must think that I’m a freak…I’m either threatening death, whining or knitting voodoo dolls.

her answer?
“what’s wrong with that?”

Nothing…there’s really nothing wrong with that.


Entry filed under: fiber stuff, hilarity, outlaws.

MAAAAIIIIILLLLL!!!!!!!!! Just for Melissa

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