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My Gym, take 2

For those of you who’ve been reading this long enough, you’ll surely remember the My Gym fiasco of (almost) one year ago. The evil parents, the sweet but clueless teachers…us getting a very large credit and spending time debating on if we should go back or not…

So, in my quest for activities for Isaac for the summer, I remembered the credit, and hemmed and hawed about going back. I peeked at the schedule and found that there were some great times that worked really well for us, so I made the call to register Isaac in the appropriate class.

I explained to the person who picked up the phone (Sally) that we had a credit and I had some questions about the class. She asked what the credit was for, and I told her. I heard her jaw hit the floor as I recalled the tale of the day I cried all the way home. She then assured me that since it was sumer, the classes were VERY small (Isaac’s class has all of 5 children in it, besides him!) and the teacher was really good.
I signed Isaac up and said that if the owner had any questions abiout the credit, she could call me.

So, I get a phone call on Thursday. It was the owner, because she was confused about the credit. She didn’t argue that she had given it, but she had forgotten since it was so long ago. I refreshed her brain on the story, and she assured me that the class was small, parents nice and the teacher, Gary, great. I told her that I was ready for Isaac to have fun, play and come back and give it a 2nd try.

So, today was our first class. we walked in, Gary introduced himself to us,and asked Isaac’s name. He pointed to himself and said “I Isaac!”

Isaac played, did circle time, ran into a kid, apologized, and kept going, and generally had a good time. He stepped over ladder rungs on the floor, he swung on a trapeze, he did rolls over a big ball, and even did a wild ride on a zebra!

so, today was good. Gary is great, and the parents are laid back and fun.

I think this may be a good fit, finally.

oh, and did I mention how much fun Isaac had?


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I got tagged!

My SP10 spoiler, Caroline
tagged me for this meme…

Type your birthday, Month and day into wikipedia and list 2 things that happened, 3 births and 1 event/festival thingie and then tag 5 people!

So, here’s mine…

April 1

Historical events
1976 – Apple Computer is founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (see? awesome! I’m doing this on a Mac!)

1979- Nickelodeon TV network starts

1964 Scott Stevens (Canadian Hockey Player)
1971 Method Man (Rapper)
1980  Yuko Takuchi (Japanese actress)

Japan – The official start of school years in most universities and schools. Also, the official first day of work at companies and offices for new university graduates hires, marked by welcoming ceremonies and speeches.

Now, I tag
Amey (if she feels like it)

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Irrefreakinsponsible parenting

First, I need to say this
Christine( and your awesomely titled blog -I love Weezer!!), It’s been over 90, almost 100 here,a nd my loft is STILL flippin hot! I promise you’ll get a proper thank you for the amazing cashmere as soon as I can stand the temperature at the PC so I can do photos and links…

So, now on to the reason for hte title.

(takes out soapbox)

I was crusing on one of the mommy boards I lurk on, and saw a post titled “(child’s name) drives the car.”

Drives the car? What?

So, I open the post and it’s got VIDEO of the child driving the car around and around in a parking lot. ON THE PARENT’S LAP.

I was appaled. Extremely so. Then, I read the responses and the board members who responded were LAUGHING IT OFF thinking it was so cute. One even had the nerve to say “oh, what a clever boy.”

Irresponsible parents?

I could go on for days abotu the kid I had in my class at Mercycare whose father did this and the kid told us. He said “I drive the car!” we laughed it off until we saw it. Then, we were obligated to call CPS.

when are parents going to learn not to do these things? She could be thrown in jail if anyone in the parking lot ever hit the car. Could she live with herself if her child was injured or even died because of one stupid choice?

If you want your kid to drive a car, get them a freakin power wheels.

Soapbox over.
(puts away soapbox)

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Lessons in Oven cleaning

So, I get drafted to make the evil peanut butter brownies for the church picnic. I can’t make anything else. I try, but get thwarted into making these dang things. Not that I mind, but one of these days I’d like to make something DIFFERENT….but I digress. 

So, I go to the dollar store and get a foil pan. I really don’t feel like using my pans…nothing to worry about bringing home. 

Get said pan home, begin making brownies. Realize we have NO EGGS. (I used them up at breakfast…) Go to store. Get eggs…continue brownie making… Note to self: make sure all ingredients are present before commencing in baking.

Grease pan. Notice that when I pick the pan up, there is a small line of butter on the counter…this should clue me in…but, it doesn’t. 

Pour brownies in the pan, and do the magic that I do with them…and put them in to bake.

10 minutes in, I’m smelling something. I figure I’ve done so much baking lately, that the oven just needs to be cleaned. I go back to watching something that Doug is playing on the dvr and taping at the same time. 

20 minutes in, the smell gets stronger. 

26 minutes in, the timer goes off. I go and pull said brownies out  and notice that there is BROWNIE BATTER BURNED TO THE OVEN RACK AND THE BOTTOM OF THE OVEN.

To add insult to injury, the brownies are still raw in places. 

I lift up the brownie pan and notice…A small, thin slit in the pan where the brownie batter has leaked out! Well…that would explain the smell. 

I put the brownies back in to bake more and we make a mental note to clean the oven overnight on the self clean cycle.

Brownies come out, we get the oven ready for self clean. 

I didn’t notice Doug had moved a pan of rice krispy treats onto the stove temporarily to get them out of the way for something…. (remember that pan of treats. that will be important…)

We go to bed. It’s 11:15 ish.

12:20, I wake up to the smoke alarm beeping in the loft. I can’t reach the sucker, so I make Doug go and get it. He says the upstairs is all smokey, but things are fine. He comes back to bed.

12:40, the DOWNSTAIRS smoke alarm starts going off as well as the upstairs one again. Doug mubles some choice words and I jet downstairs to check Isaac. 

We get downstairs, and Doug goes to check the oven..and I hear: “well, that’s it for the Rice Krispy treats!”

huh? What?

As he’s dismantling hte smoke alarm, I go into the kitchen and peek…the rice krispy treats that had been sitting on the stove are now CHARRED BLACK and smoking in places. Well, that sent up enough smoke to trip the smoke alarms. I take our hot mitts, grab the pan and drop it in the sink, running water over it to get it to stop smoking.  

Doug sets up the fans downstairs to get the smoke out, and we go back upstairs to bed. 

Now, the smell is STILL upstairs. It’s not a very nice smell. 

So, lesson…Leave nothing at all on the stovetop while oven cleaning is in process. 

and check your foil pans before inserting them into the oven for just over a half hour.

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I’ll fix this one later…

I got my last SP package yesterday!!


ooohhh….SQUISHY…..OOOH…Hand dyed!!

OOH! Canadian!

I promise pics and who it all is when I can stand the heat in my loft and do pics and links that the mac doesn’t like….

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Dang, Dora…can you be more DENSE?

So, we go to the ENT to have Isaac’s ears checked out. This ENT is the top one in the area and pretty much every child in the capital region goes to him. He recently moved from the main clinic to the open space upstairs that he remodeled just for his purposes.

This meant putting a flat screen TV in every exam room…

So, Isaac is enthralled with the sucker..and Dora comes on. Nice distraction while I’m talking to the nurse and the med student…

So, at one point Dora is counting peices that go in the boat. Isaac has counted all of them by this point…and as dora is still on 3, he’s yelling “5!!!”

Med student and I laugh.

2 minutes later Dora and boots (her pet monkey for those who aren’t in the preschool TV know) are looking for the monkey’s boot in this swamp. There’s red items all over the place, but the boot is CLEARLY visible.

as Dora is going on and on, Isaac starts yelling….

“The shoe is over ‘dere!!! It the SHOE!!!”

and he repeats this 3x, and is getting more and more irritated with Dora and her slowness on the uptake.

He begins shooting the TV that look that he gets when he knows we’re crazy. the look that says “Oh, my goodness..I’ve just told you where the stupid things was 3x, and you’re STILL asking me if that butterfly is a shoe? Dora…can you be any more dim witted?”

He doesn’t get irritated with Blues clues. They move faster.

June 22, 2007 at 9:29 pm 2 comments

*throwing confetti wildly*

Isaac has his AFO’s back! Isaac has his AFO’s back!

They look better than ever, clean, nice…new straps, more padding..and it looks like the pressure points are gone!


no more accident more curtailing activities so that we don’t have to risk a trip to the ER.


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