Lessons in Oven cleaning

June 24, 2007 at 4:42 am Leave a comment

So, I get drafted to make the evil peanut butter brownies for the church picnic. I can’t make anything else. I try, but get thwarted into making these dang things. Not that I mind, but one of these days I’d like to make something DIFFERENT….but I digress. 

So, I go to the dollar store and get a foil pan. I really don’t feel like using my pans…nothing to worry about bringing home. 

Get said pan home, begin making brownies. Realize we have NO EGGS. (I used them up at breakfast…) Go to store. Get eggs…continue brownie making… Note to self: make sure all ingredients are present before commencing in baking.

Grease pan. Notice that when I pick the pan up, there is a small line of butter on the counter…this should clue me in…but, it doesn’t. 

Pour brownies in the pan, and do the magic that I do with them…and put them in to bake.

10 minutes in, I’m smelling something. I figure I’ve done so much baking lately, that the oven just needs to be cleaned. I go back to watching something that Doug is playing on the dvr and taping at the same time. 

20 minutes in, the smell gets stronger. 

26 minutes in, the timer goes off. I go and pull said brownies out  and notice that there is BROWNIE BATTER BURNED TO THE OVEN RACK AND THE BOTTOM OF THE OVEN.

To add insult to injury, the brownies are still raw in places. 

I lift up the brownie pan and notice…A small, thin slit in the pan where the brownie batter has leaked out! Well…that would explain the smell. 

I put the brownies back in to bake more and we make a mental note to clean the oven overnight on the self clean cycle.

Brownies come out, we get the oven ready for self clean. 

I didn’t notice Doug had moved a pan of rice krispy treats onto the stove temporarily to get them out of the way for something…. (remember that pan of treats. that will be important…)

We go to bed. It’s 11:15 ish.

12:20, I wake up to the smoke alarm beeping in the loft. I can’t reach the sucker, so I make Doug go and get it. He says the upstairs is all smokey, but things are fine. He comes back to bed.

12:40, the DOWNSTAIRS smoke alarm starts going off as well as the upstairs one again. Doug mubles some choice words and I jet downstairs to check Isaac. 

We get downstairs, and Doug goes to check the oven..and I hear: “well, that’s it for the Rice Krispy treats!”

huh? What?

As he’s dismantling hte smoke alarm, I go into the kitchen and peek…the rice krispy treats that had been sitting on the stove are now CHARRED BLACK and smoking in places. Well, that sent up enough smoke to trip the smoke alarms. I take our hot mitts, grab the pan and drop it in the sink, running water over it to get it to stop smoking.  

Doug sets up the fans downstairs to get the smoke out, and we go back upstairs to bed. 

Now, the smell is STILL upstairs. It’s not a very nice smell. 

So, lesson…Leave nothing at all on the stovetop while oven cleaning is in process. 

and check your foil pans before inserting them into the oven for just over a half hour.


Entry filed under: insanity.

I’ll fix this one later… Irrefreakinsponsible parenting

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