Irrefreakinsponsible parenting

June 27, 2007 at 4:24 pm Leave a comment

First, I need to say this
Christine( and your awesomely titled blog -I love Weezer!!), It’s been over 90, almost 100 here,a nd my loft is STILL flippin hot! I promise you’ll get a proper thank you for the amazing cashmere as soon as I can stand the temperature at the PC so I can do photos and links…

So, now on to the reason for hte title.

(takes out soapbox)

I was crusing on one of the mommy boards I lurk on, and saw a post titled “(child’s name) drives the car.”

Drives the car? What?

So, I open the post and it’s got VIDEO of the child driving the car around and around in a parking lot. ON THE PARENT’S LAP.

I was appaled. Extremely so. Then, I read the responses and the board members who responded were LAUGHING IT OFF thinking it was so cute. One even had the nerve to say “oh, what a clever boy.”

Irresponsible parents?

I could go on for days abotu the kid I had in my class at Mercycare whose father did this and the kid told us. He said “I drive the car!” we laughed it off until we saw it. Then, we were obligated to call CPS.

when are parents going to learn not to do these things? She could be thrown in jail if anyone in the parking lot ever hit the car. Could she live with herself if her child was injured or even died because of one stupid choice?

If you want your kid to drive a car, get them a freakin power wheels.

Soapbox over.
(puts away soapbox)


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