My Gym, take 2

June 30, 2007 at 1:55 pm Leave a comment

For those of you who’ve been reading this long enough, you’ll surely remember the My Gym fiasco of (almost) one year ago. The evil parents, the sweet but clueless teachers…us getting a very large credit and spending time debating on if we should go back or not…

So, in my quest for activities for Isaac for the summer, I remembered the credit, and hemmed and hawed about going back. I peeked at the schedule and found that there were some great times that worked really well for us, so I made the call to register Isaac in the appropriate class.

I explained to the person who picked up the phone (Sally) that we had a credit and I had some questions about the class. She asked what the credit was for, and I told her. I heard her jaw hit the floor as I recalled the tale of the day I cried all the way home. She then assured me that since it was sumer, the classes were VERY small (Isaac’s class has all of 5 children in it, besides him!) and the teacher was really good.
I signed Isaac up and said that if the owner had any questions abiout the credit, she could call me.

So, I get a phone call on Thursday. It was the owner, because she was confused about the credit. She didn’t argue that she had given it, but she had forgotten since it was so long ago. I refreshed her brain on the story, and she assured me that the class was small, parents nice and the teacher, Gary, great. I told her that I was ready for Isaac to have fun, play and come back and give it a 2nd try.

So, today was our first class. we walked in, Gary introduced himself to us,and asked Isaac’s name. He pointed to himself and said “I Isaac!”

Isaac played, did circle time, ran into a kid, apologized, and kept going, and generally had a good time. He stepped over ladder rungs on the floor, he swung on a trapeze, he did rolls over a big ball, and even did a wild ride on a zebra!

so, today was good. Gary is great, and the parents are laid back and fun.

I think this may be a good fit, finally.

oh, and did I mention how much fun Isaac had?


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