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Things you think about…

So, at the buttcrack of Dawn this morning when I woke up, and it just wasn’t practical to get back to sleep as the alarm would be going off in 45 minutes, I got involved in one of those inane lifetime Movies.

So, here’s the plot…

Woman washes up on beach with amnesia (original, huh?), search to figure out who she is and why she’s afraid of fire ensues.

Psychiatrist shows up, and he and his wife explioit said woman.

woman finds out that psychiatrist was her hubby (again…original!!) and the “wife” was his PATIENT and related to her in some way.

memory regaining ensues, big fight ensues, fake wife ends up dead, psychiatrist ends up in hospital (fake wife poisoned him!) and recovered amnesiac and her baby end up dating the sherrif.

well, at t he point I heard fake wife was his patient,my brain rolls back to my Law and Ethics class at Cal Baptist.

and the conversation with the TV went like this:

Hey! You moron! You haven’t been out of a therapeutic relationship for 2 years! You know, your license will be CONFISCATED and you will NEVER work again! Come on! 2 calendar years!!! 365 days!!!!

yeah. Like the tv was listening.

But, at least I remember my classes…

Now…where’s my DSM-TR-IV so I can diagnose these wackjobs and give them treatment plans…


July 31, 2007 at 10:24 pm 3 comments

Damn Vampires!

Since Monday, I’ve been putting off getting some blood (1 lousy vial) drawn for a RAST test to see if the hives I’ve been getting are what I suspect (eggs) or something else. It’s safer than a skin test. At least taht’s what the doc says.

So, I finally buck up and after dropping Isaac off at ECEC, I head over to Bender Labs in Executive Park. I head into the lab and go through all of the intro paperwork and then wait for my number to be called.

Is it an omen that I was #13?

I let the vampire drawing my blood know that she needed to use a butterfly needle and hit the vein straight on, or the sucker would roll, and we’d be at multiple sticks. I didn’t want multiple sticks.

So we engage in this discourse over a baby needle vs a butterfly. I told her she could try, but it wasn’t going to work. She was one of those people who basically thought I was telling her how to do her job. I know what works with me.

Guess what happened?

and looking at it, it doesn’t look like a proper hit, either.

She dug around in my arm, and I was DYING. I forced her to take it out. She got a quarter vial of blood.

She starts looking at my left arm, and my brain started racing to make her stop looking at my arm.

Well, she finds a vein on the SIDE of my elbow and finally (!) gets a butterfly and hits it, and gets a full tube.

She had the NERVE to call me hypersensitive.

Mom said “I know where you won’t be going again!”

Damn skippy straight!

Damn vampires.

July 27, 2007 at 9:46 pm 1 comment

It must be an epidemic

Over on Ravelry, there’s a Harry Potter Lovers group that I started. The conversation of late has been about the various midnight launches of the book.

It seems that the Borders on Wolf Road being chaos was NOT an isolated incident!

Based on what I’ve read from about 6 different people in different parts of the country, here are the things we all had in common…

1) Wristband distribution was not the easiest thing. There were conflicting times all over, and a few people were left waiting to get bands. Some, like me, with small children.
2) Getting the books was a fiasco. There are reports of things like what I went through on Wolf Road, to people actually having to follow an employee around to figure what station to go over to to retrieve their book.
3) It was hard to hear. Not everyone had a Yeller. People couldn’t hear what they were supposed to do, and where they were supposed to go.
4) the lines were insane. There’s one person on this group who actually walked out and went to Wal Mart, even though she had waited that morning for a wristband and had been there. She was not allowed to get through the line by people who had higher numbers.

Sad.This could have been a time where Borders could have really shown off and been the model of book launches,but they weren’t.
Mass chaos.

July 25, 2007 at 3:39 pm 4 comments

Look at who I am!

Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!

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Harry Potter Party and Chaos

I didn’t post any of this until I was done with the book, because I wanted to avoid spoilers. Big time. So, I promise, this blog is SPOILER FREE!! Just go read the book! it’s worth it. 
So, like the supergeek that I am, I went on Friday night to get my copy. Mom came along for the giggles of the whole thing. Since Isaac and I were coming from VBS (Vacation Bible School), we called Borders on Wolf Road to see if Mom could meet us there and get our numbers. WHEEELLL…when we called at 1:45, they told us they were ALREADY GIVING OUT NUMBERS! I about fainted. Because I am the geek that I am, I called on Monday to find out when number distribution was and to find out what time to get there, knowing I was going to have a very tired, possibly sleeping 3 year old in tow. (Doug was working. What’s a geek to do?) Originally, I was told 7 PM. I confirmed the information with the person, and she told me that corporate had sent an email  to customers (I got it, but didn’t read it, because I thought I had confirmed everything with the store) saying that they would be giving out wristbands at (ready?) 9 am. They had a line when they opened, and people started getting all hot and bothered, so they had to honor the email. The store was NOT too happy, and I can understand. I confirmed this information with 2 other staff that night, so I know that was a total truth.
So, I dive on to the phone, call Mom’s cell phone. She’s on Central by Colonie Center and says “I’ll meet you there. ” We dive into the car, get gas and go over there, to meet Mom who has sweetly already gotten our wristbands! YAY!  

Yes, you see #54 purple. Mom was 53 purple. That will be important later…I promise

We discuss meet up times, and Isaac and I go in to “play” for a while so that he doesn’t hve to dive back into the car for another ride so soon. 

So, we leave VBS at around 8:30, and we head over to meet mom. At first, we thought she stood us up. Turns out she was waiting at the other entrance to the parking lot and was trying to save us a parking spot. 

Well, here’s Mom telling me I better not be too geeky and embarras her.

Aren’t the glowsticks cool???

Well, after we wandered around for a few minutes, we ran into a game of SNAPE, hosted by Nymphadora Tonks. 

Here’s mom laughing at me for playing, before deciding to play herself. Note her new glasses. It only took her 10 minutes to ask me if I noticed anything new. That’s a record. 

So, Mom ended up taking Isaac, and I ended up playing both cards…and WINNING!!!

I didn’t get the jelly slugs in the picture. They didn’t dump out of the bag!

So, as we kept wandering, we ran into Becky M. and Alyce M. from church!
Becky klepto’d Isaac.

While Becky and Alyce had the Monkey, I wandered around…
I ran into Former Minister of Magic, Fudge.

He wasn’t too sure of my muggle camera. He feared it was posessed by You-Know-Who.
Then, I ran into Delores Jane Umbridge, who, despite that smile, threatened me with lines…with her quill. EEEK!

So, when I got Isaac back, Mom, Alyssa, Andrew (they’re frends from VBS…Ok, I didn’t put your picture up, Alyssa!  See? Despite what Mom says, I’m not THAT bad!), Isaac and I went upstairs for drinks. We hung out and then went downstairs to get into our section (Purple). This is where the nighmare began. 
BUT, before everything went to Azkaban, we had a small bright light….
This is Sam. Short for Samantha.

Sam stopped me and was asking about Isaac’s and my shirts. We gott o chatting, and I told her how we did them, and all of that.
During our convo, Alyssa came over and talked about her plight with the book.
Alyssa wasn’t guaranteed a book, because she didn’t reserve one, but was put in purple with me, with a wait list number.  Sam heard this, and as it turned out, she had a cousin who had opted NOT to come and to get the book at another store! She had a 2nd guaranteed copy of the book…and a GOOD number. She handed Andrew (Alyssa’s son) the wristband. It took them from #291 WAIT LIST to #90, reserved and guaranteed. She wanted it to go to a kid, and the store wouldn’t assist her, so she gave it to the first deserving kid she saw all night! 

Back to the Chaos theory of book distribution. 
The way it was SUPPOSED to work:
You were divided into 1 of 4 sections. You went, lined up in numerical order, got your book, and then went and paid for it at the register. According to the person I spoke to initially (with the 7pm wristband time) everything should have been done by 1:00 AM. Sounded solidly organized. 

Yeah, right.

(let me say, I have no photos of this, because I was too scared of breaking my camera. I was also busy protecting Isaac who by this point had done this:

 and was sleeping through the noise and racket.)

So, we get into the purple section, and there is everyone and their mother. It seems as if the wristband people had given out more purples than the section could handle. It was getting hot, stuffy and was NOT a good thing.  The area was small as it was, but could have been done so much better….
So, there was this guy (never got his name) who we’ll call “Yeller” because what he did was amazing. Since there was this huge crush, and the area was right by the elevator, he would yell to get the people to part ways so things like wheelchairs, books and things could get through. He even parted the waters for mom and Isaac, because I sent them out. We moved into some “clear air” and pepople were STILL stepping on us. So, I threw mom to the door. It just made sense to have her take Isaac, since I could get her book. 
They start calling numbers, and no one could hear them at all. People were jamming up, and people were just elbowing and slamming and it was just awful getting the books. I finally got my grouping of numbers called and signaled to Alyssa and Sam that I would see them outside! (they were 89 and 90…) Yeller was right behind me. He was 60. We wound around and around and around the store attempting to find the end of the line. We found the end by the front door, on the exit side of the cashwrap. People were pouring in from all corners of the store. The line didn’t move for 10 minutes. I went and complained. They said “we have every register running.” don’t. There was the one int he purple section, there was one in the music section….

So, I told them…this is the most disorganized launch I’ve ever been to. I’ve been through 3. 

So, I get back in line, and Yeller was holding my books for me,a nd we were reading as we were walking, comparing notes and going “MY GOD!” at a few things, and saying “Paragraph ___, page ___!!” We discussed my socks, and how awesome they were (Thank you, Rani!!!), and had started moving through the Nagini like line that wound its way from the front door, through the children’s section, around the magazines and over to the cashwrap. 
 Mom was outside with Isaac by this time, who had woken up, and was just hanging out. 
 with the number I had, I should have been out of there by 12:15. At all the other launches, I was out of there and HOME by 12:45…and that was because at the first launch I went to, I was number 152. The second one I went to, I was #3. I was home by 12:20, because I was talking wiht a friend.

This launch? I wasn’t out until 12:40. I was home by 1. 90% of that time was spent in the main line…

There was ZERO organization to this, and it was mass chaos. Mom told me she saw people POURING down the stairs and getting in line from the stations upstairs. Purple was the most chaotic, because no one ever took charge of it. The two people working it were too quiet and innefective. They would stop handing out books for long amounts of time, until people started getting upset that they were waiting longer than they had to. They never checked the number of books they were handing out against wristbands. It was pure and total anarchy. 

The kicker? People were wandering in after midnight, and attempting to get wristbands. They were given them, and told it would be at least an hour before they even got out of the store. 

Sick, isn’t? How to ruin a great night 40 ways. 

But, I got my book, got my Potter Geek on and most likely, embarassed my mom with my sheer geeky-ness.

So, my midnight runs are over. I don’t think another book would get me out of the house until a decent hour in the morning…

Oh, and one last thing…
Mom called me a jerk for this…and Beth said “I see a geek!” when she was peeking at the photos earlier…

Me…knitting a scarf for a present at the  Harry Potter launch.

Yes, I’m that geeky.

July 22, 2007 at 9:18 am 2 comments

Photo Break Thursday

Isaac and I went out to play on Saturday…well, he ran like a goofball and I opened my package, with him lusting after the Bertie Bott’s beans…

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The reality of the DVD/Video shelf

The simple fact is that my video shelf hasn’t changed much since Isaac came into our world. 

Let me explain:
Since I can remember, I’ve been an animation fan. Disney movies were always some of my favorites. When they started releasing the movies to DVD, it was an opportunity to gain some of my all time favorite movies. Working at Disneyland kind of fed this addiction because I was able to get the movies at a pretty steep discount (cast member, you know..) and get the three amazing hand drawn characters that now hang behind my couch.

MuLan, Piglet and the Cheshire Cat for those who are wondering.

I used the excuse for years that I taught and therefore could justify being in the family section of the DVD store, looking at Disney movies. It worked. Hey. Don’t knock it. it worked.

Now, I thank my lucky stars that I’m what my mom calls “a big kid.”

I can grab something off of the DVD shelf and enjoy it with Isaac…

case and point:
Lilo and Stitch.  I was sick of Cars. I was sick of Toy Story. Even though Isaac was hilarious in telling me Buzz Lightyear is “Falling with style,” I was done with both.

I asked Isaac if we could put on Lilo. He agreed…he was taken with the Hawaiian music and the surfing. He even thought Lilo’s picture taking was hilarious. He requested to watch that 2 more times during the week. I got to make dinner in peace for a few days…
Then, he found my stuffed Lilo I got in California. He has now commandeered it, saying “My Lilo!” and running around saying “It’s FISH!!!” 
(for those of you who don’t know the movie…Lilo has to feed a fish a pb sandwich, and only has tuna in the house…and tells the Hula instructor “I can’t feed Pudge tuna…because it’s FISH!”)

So, my reality is my DVD/Video shelf looks like Disney and Sesame Street threw up on it. So what. it makes my Monkey happy…and it makes all of those years my mother thought I was insane buying these movies worth it.

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