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The Summer in Review Part 2

After Philadelphia, we survived a visit from Vapid and Colostomy.  They provided Isaac with their ususal extravagant gift in a sad attempt to trump my parents. This year’s gift was this:

the playhouse

The evil playhouse that had NO screw holes and we had to break out the power screwdriver to even get the stuff in. I wanted to die. Doug kept telling me I was stripping the screws, until he tried it all on his own, and found out what a PITA this really was.

 oh, and that doorbell? ANNOYING. It’s got 7 different sounds, and each one is more annoying than the last. Oh, save me. Why oh, why couldn’t they get him a sand and water table? Why?

Isaac also figured out how to play his own brand of basketball…

basketball Isaac style

more Isaac basketball

I don’t know if I just don’t notice it until summer break, or if it really all just comes together during this break time, but Isaac seems to have made even bigger strides. We’re still NOWHERE near potty training, but that will come (we hope…please??). But, what I’m seeing is another verbal explosion as well as other things. Isaac now finds things funny..and will tell us. He also does a lot of things he wasn’t doing even before the break to go to Philadelphia and school getting out. He’s got this wild vocabulary now, and even though we’re not getting gramatically correct in a lot of situations, we’re getting the words. We’re getting less resistance from forks and open top cups…we’re now able to walk into a store and not have to get a cart for Isaac because he’ll hold our hand and just hang with us, unless he’s tired.

Last year, we had a similar thing around this time. One never knows.

It’s been one ride of a summer. We’ve had a great time…School starts Wednesday! No, I won’t be driving him day one. I’ll let him take the bus. He loves that dang bus! Tuesday, we get to load his cubby up with his stuff, and he can show Mary Jo his pirate tissues and his buzz and woody pull ups.


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The summer in review, part one.

Wow- we’re 1 week away from Back to School. The summer has flown by, and we’ve had some awesome times and a visit from the outlaws. Yeah, that gets a whoooolllleeee category to itself. 

So, here’s a fast photo review of our summer here. No pictures of the outlaws. That would most likely break my camera.

There were classes wtih Gary at My Gym

There was Vacation Bible School…with Miss Leslie, who Isaac tried to steal away from her DH Noel. 

and new friend, Maddie

and the picnic, with the sprinklers and kiddie pools…that’s what you get for having a VBS with a water theme..

Then, of course, we did the Harry Potter thing. That was heavily chronicled, so I’ll spare more photos…
After a few weeks of downtime, we took off for Philadelphia and the Wiggles!
Isaac downing Cotton candy

Is this me at the Wiggles show with a SMILE???

naah. figment of your imagination.

We had some great times at Maeve and Nathan’s…
Here’s Rowan with Mike the T-Rex.

The three stooges in their natural state…We CANNOT get a straight picture of these 3 together period. Nathan swears we’ll be able to do this ina  few years. I doubt it. Not with these 3.

Slumber parties with Kieran..

A rare find…Isaac taking a NAP. Yes, NAP. Thank goodness Maeve got photo evidence of this.

The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D

Playing train around the living room, dining room and playroom…


And Maeve in her…hat…that is still atrocious.
More to come….

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Bowling balls? Flying away?

Isaac’s reign of hilarity mixed with times I want to throttle him continues. 

This evening’s tidbits were as follows:

We were on the way back from Hannford. I handed him a few grapes, because dinner was going to be later than usual. The Monkey says “look! They’re Bowling balls!” 

Bowling balls? Wha…..

we don’t bowl. Where he got bowling balls, I’ll never know.

The second was after dinner…

I went to grab something from my yarn stash upstairs, and I came down to find Isaac with a yellow hot mit on each hand running around the living room yelling “I’m flying away!!!” 

Flying away? Oh, brother. 

Please, reassure me that this is typical 3 year old and I don’t have to find a shrink for my child…

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Are we in hockey season yet?

Today, we brought Gram eggplant so that she didn’t have to eat some of the nasty food at Teresian House. From working there, I know some of the food is RAUNCHY. 

Isaac and I were there when Sister Maureen came in to do the whole pastoral care thing with Gram. Fine, easy…

well, Gram had the rerun of the Yankee game on, and of course, Isaac was watching it with her. Sister Maureen turned it off so she could do the pastoral care thing. When Sister was done, Isaac looked at her and said…

“Can you turn the Yankees back on, please?”

yeah. he said that to a NUN. 

I take no responsibility for this love of the Yankees. I would prefer if he would find a hockey team to root for. Now  that Gomez is on the Rangers (I still will NOT root for them. I do not care.), the Canadiens (Habs) seem like a good team…

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I dealt with Wal-Mart and Isaac’s reaping the benefits!

Yesterday, I lost my brain and volunteered to do something for Mom at the Mecca of Stupidity, the Wal-Mart right by SUNY Albany. Every Freshman and their entire extended family in the entire class was at that particular Mecca of Stupidity and was shopping for dorm stuff. I’ve never heard so many conversations about USB cables and what will and won’t peel off dorm/apartment walls in my life. AND I’ve never dealt with so many irritating people as well. My Mecca of Stupidity thing went like this:
1) get nearly clocked with a corkboard
2) deal with a broken Kodak machine
3) Deal with a stupid photo manager who gave me crap about the photo.
4) nearly have an avalanche of plastic tubs hit me because dimwit Freshman wanted the PINK one and that was 5 down.

So, I get back to Mom’s house.  I told mom I wanted hazardous duty pay. I sat down at the table and noticed that the Pottery Barn Kids catalog arrived. As most people know, I tend to grab the Halloween issue so I can look at the costumes and decor, and yell at the prices, and lament how I can MAKE half of it…or it’s cute, but not THAT cute. So, I’m sitting at their dining room table doing just that, and I said “I can’t pay $59.00 for this costume!” Dad wanders in and says “Well, we’ll do it.”

what? Did I just hear that they’re going to get Isaac a POTTERY BARN KIDS costume? 

I looked at Dad and said “You will?”
He said: “Sure!” 

So, I had Isaac pick his costume. Mom wouldn’t let him pick the spider. She started yelling that her grandson will not be an arachnid. I never knew she knew the name arachnid. I figured she just called them “those goddamn spiders!”

Isaac picked the tiger. It’s the one on this  page.  I just have to grab him some black sweats and a black turtleneck or henley. Easy peasy.

Oh, and they also got him the matching treat basket. Dad said they could do that, because it was only 12.00 after Mom told me that she knew where I could stick the treat basket…I asked “are you going to get him the treat basket too???” semi sarcastically.

I even got a phone call after they ordered it. 

Man. This is some hazardous duty pay…

I’ll have to get pictures of him in this thing when it arrives…

I think I’ll have the cutest tiger on the block!!

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One of the funniest things I’ve seen allllll week!

I profusely apologize to my non-trekkie readers, but this was too funny to pass up. Come on, the one carrying a batleth? This is just hilarious! 

Especially because I was watching “Fistfull of Datas” the other night on Spike.

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Just a question…

How come when I have to have a new pic of Isaac for something, the kid goes and gets a bruise, scrape or what have you on his flipping face?

just wondering.

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