Is it Wednesday yet?

September 3, 2007 at 9:31 pm Leave a comment

Isaac has been home with me for almost 3 1/2 weeks…and oh, are we feeling it. Philadelphia was great…and he did fine…but since we came home, he has been beyond silly.

I get climbed on every morning (not that I minded at first, but “mommy is a motorcycle” gets old fast.), and once Doug leaves for work, Isaac becomes holy terror because he has no one else to bother, especially when I’m cooking.

He is BEYOND bored, even though we do walks, park time and all sorts of other things…he is used to structure every minute of the morning,a nd I’m just not that way. Neither is Doug. Our days are pretty loosey-goosey. I refuse to put in a rigid routine, because that is just not the way we operate here.  Even when I have my own classroom, I’m not as “structured” as I could be. It just cramps the way I flow. I have certain things that get accomplished every single day, but if we end up somewhere else, fine. so be it. we’ll get back to where we should be.

School starts back up for Isaac on Wed. morning. I can’t wait for him to get back into his groove. Over 3 weeks off is too much for him. I’m going to have to put him in summer camp next year for these last few weeks. I don’t know what else to do…oh, maybe not pull him out for an extra week???

So, the bus company has not contacted us yet about what time Isaac will be picked up. It better come tomorrow, or I’m driving him Wed. Morning and having a fit at the bus company. Plus, I’m hoping upon hopes that we won’t have another 7:35 am pick up. It’s just TOO early. 8:00 was JUST FINE for us this summer. Yes, we’re first pick up of the morning (and I know we’re going to be again- hazard of living in E. Boondock), but I don’t understand why Isaac has to be on the bus at 7:35, when school doesn’t start until 9. he’s on that bus just under an hour and a half. It should NOT take that long to pick up 8-9 kids. Really. If it is, SPLIT THE ROUTE.

I’m also worried about the bus driver. I really don’t want another incident that played out like last summer, and as long as that driver is in the company, I will worry. If I don’t hear anything by 2:00 tomorrow, I will call and make sure his name is NOT on that one rotten driver’s bus.

So…can we skip tomorrow and go straight to Wed.? Please?


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