Good Gosh, it’s only day 4!

September 10, 2007 at 6:37 pm 1 comment

We have AFO drama already. I was hoping we’d go at least a few weeks, if not a month, before we had some sort of drama.

Naah. 4 days.

The bus arrives home with Isaac in tow, and he’s got one shoe off and one shoe on. The aide (who was there for the AFO incident of last year where the PT put the AFO’s on the wrong feet and then sent Isaac home in a screaming heap on the bus…)hands Isaac over to me, his eyes still wet with tears, and both the driver and aide tell me that about 5 minutes in, he began howling…and howling, and screaming.

This is NOT my child. He DOES NOT do this. He’s the model rider…so, something was up. He was pulling at his shoe, and since I had given permission day 2 to the aide to do what she needed to do with the shoes/AFO’s considering what happened last year, she took off his shoe. Screaming did not stop. She looked at the AFO’s, made sure they were on the right feet, and then confirming that they were, noticed the strap on the left foot was INSANELY tight. She loosened it up, and the tears stopped.

I thanked her profusely and reiterated that she had permission to do whatever it takes with regard to Isaac (AFO’s, whatever) and brought Isaac inside to take off the AFO’s and call the school.

I was HOPING I wasn’t going to have to call for a snotty reason this early. Dangitall.

So, I call, ask Cynthia (who has turned into an absolute dream of a secretary, going out of her way for us on several occasions!) for Tara.

Tara comes on, and I have a chat with Tara. Tell her about Isaac’s disasterous bus ride home and how it was his AFO’s on super tight that caused the tears and meltdown. I was impressed with her concern and her willingness to bring it to the team meeting that she was on her way to.  I didn’t give her the details of last year’s incident, but I have a feeling she may hear about it today….

Now, I can’t pin it on someone, so I was extremely diplomatic, but I do have a few ideas of who could have done it…

and one of those people has one mess up this year, and I will request that she not see my child for the rest of the year…

But, we’re not going to think about that until we have to.


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*sigh* 9/11 Soapbox

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  • 1. ma2jenna  |  September 11, 2007 at 2:50 am

    What’s an AFO?


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