Emmy Censorship 2007

September 17, 2007 at 12:43 pm Leave a comment

Last night, because there was nothing else on, I flipped on the Emmy awards. Ok, I took a half hour break to watch the latest episode of South Park- come on..making fun of Supernanny, Nanny 911 and the Dog Whisperer…not to be missed.

Well, as Doug and I were watching this, we were appaled at the fact that the button was hit three times to cut out remarks by presenters and award winners that were deemed unacceptable.

These were NOT bad things…the censor was extremely oversensitve and trigger happy.

This was NOT a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. This was people speaking their mind and making jokes.

Ray Romano was cut off making a joke about his ex co star and her new show.

Sally Field was cut off making a war protest (that became censorable material WHEN?)

and Katherine Heigl was cut off when she used the word “Shit!” when she won, because she couldn’t believe it.

Other things were let slide…like pimp jokes and other peices of presenters commetaries that were on par with the three things that were cut.

Ok…here’s the thing.

I understand that people are gun shy after the whole Janet Jackson incident. I know the FCC is fine happy, but come the heck on! None of hte things that were done (especiallyKatherine Heigl) were super audible…and again, when is it against network policy to protest the war? Sally Field won for playing a mom. She went on about how moms run the world (we do.) and if  a mom was in charge of the country this war would NOT be going on, and all of our children would be home.

Yeah, that was grounds for censorship, really.

So, my whole thing here is that we are just too sensitive as a country. We need to realize that we have an ammendment for free speech for a REASON and that cannot be curtailed at someone’s whim for any reason. Yes, there is a time to protect from indecency, but I’ll tell you, there are so many worse things out there. During the emmy telecast, our local ABC Affiliate was showing “Anchorman, the Legend of Ron Burgundy”.

Yeah, that’s realllllly a family film. That movie is more innapropriate for network tv than anything that was said last night.

I’m sick of the double standard and the fact that we’re evolving into a nation that has “Big Brother” watching us. What is this? Orwellian democracy? Are we to the point that we’re going to be doing mass book burning A la Bradbury’s Farenheight 451?

I so hope not.

But you know, as long as we have a person sitting on the cut button, and we have shows that used to be live on a 5 second tape delay, we are one step closer to those things.

Soapbox over.


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