September 23, 2007 at 8:10 pm 1 comment

Is everyone sitting? Good. Let’s discuss the state of my driveway.

can you believe this?

Yes, that is my freshly sealed driveway with MISSING TAR.

Want another view?

I'm still in shock...

Yeah. So, obviously ass scratcher did a piss poor job. Did anyone expect more from them? I certanly didn’t.

This washed off LAST NIGHT, over 48 hours since the inital application. Yeah. really good. Really good job. I noticed somethign was wrong during the rainstorm. Isaac jumped in a puddle, and it came up BLACK. Yeah. somthing was seriously going on.

Well, this is what I saw this morning on the way out the door to the apple orchard to get some Macouns (pronounced MA-GOUNS for you non apple savvy people) I was not happy. I grabbed Doug and he concurred that this was unacceptable.

WELL, then, when we came back from apple-ing, our neighbor cornered me and said “Can I talk to you for a sec?” I knew this was NOT good. She went on a tirade about how the people who did the driveway messed up her lawn. AND how the driveway didn’t need to be sealed. She’s preaching to the choir on that one…but that’s another post for another time. AND how her cats walked through the tar and ruined her couch. Ok. that’s not MY fault…but the lawn…

so, let’s see what the run off from the poorly sealed driveway did to her lawn.

the long view of the disaster

the close up

Nice huh? I’d be ticked too…

Then, she pointed out that when they edged the driveway, they got tar all over her lawn, and it nearly broke her lawnmower blade.

Here. Take a look.

lawnmower blade breaking lumps of tar

Tar, wonderful Tar! Breaking my neighbor's lawnmower!

Yeah…that almost broke her lawnmower. Again, don’t blame her for being ticked.

We had planned on calling Colostomy, whose bright idea it was to do this, on Monday. With our neighbor interviening with her complaints, I forced Doug to call him today. He was beyond pissed, and did his usual threaten to sell the house schtick, and accuse us of driving on it, ect.

Oh, yeah…I really did this. I really wanted the return of ass scratcher…

Oh, and wanna hear something hilarious? Ass scratcher was the edger!

So, here’s another work of his that borders on our neighbor’s lawn…

Ass Scratcher's finest work

You too can aspire to be piss poor like the ass scratcher and his work!

So, we got a call back from the Head Guy who was VERY upset with this…and we think that Colostomy had it out with him. He’s coming tomorrow to peek at it, and we’re going to demand that they fix our neighbor’s lawn. We’re even going to try for her couch, because of the defective stuff that was on our driveway.

Now, it’s a matter of sit and wait. we’re NOT happy. Not at all.

Wonder if Ass Scratcher will be back, scratching his ass pretending to fix his f up…


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Making good on a promise Huh?

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  • 1. TheAngelForever  |  September 23, 2007 at 9:13 pm

    Please just promise that if ass scratcher comes back that you will NOT take photos.


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