Overheard on the phone…

September 27, 2007 at 12:35 pm 2 comments

“What size Jamba juice did you used to get?”
“the 16…after they brought it out. There only used to be the 24 and the mochuckin one.”

“ok. What kind? Mango a go go…or when I’m like this, coldbuster. You know, we so need one of these around here. My complaining would drastically drop, not stop, just drastically drop if we got that, and trader joes…and a chick fil-a. We need one of those. We need a chick fil-a. And….”

“Ok..GO TO BED. Goodnight.”

Mom hangs up the phone with me still rambling about what we need in this Godforsaken area…


Entry filed under: hilarity, insanity.

So I said to myself.. Filed under the title : oh, holy hell. Duck and cover

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  • 1. Shelby  |  September 27, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    Mmm, chick fil-a! I’d miss whole foods, but down here, I miss Wegmans (the nearest one is about 45 minutes away). Thankfully most of the places I’d really miss from here now have locations in Buffalo. Phew. And the places I really miss from Buffalo, are only in Buffalo. Seriously- Mighty Taco really needs to franchise outside of Buffalo!!

    ok…sorry for the vent. Can you tell I’m hungry? And I just ate! Bah!

  • 2. ma2jenna  |  September 28, 2007 at 5:01 am

    Do you have an Orange Julius? Is that like a Jumba juice? Chick fil-a is around here so you can come visit with B! I never heard of one until I moved East. Same with Friendly’s. And I’ve no idea what Trader Joes is. I wish the Schlotskey’s deli that was in MI would move regional also! Oh and Kenny Rogers too!
    As the poster above said..Wegman’s good!


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