September 28, 2007 at 10:36 pm 1 comment

So, the outlaws fly in on Monday. Great, Lovely.

They’ve expressed an interest in babysitting Isaac for a day.

I have one response to this.


Ok..why? Most people think that grandparents are good babysitters…

these aren’t.

here’s why. I fear for Isaac’s safety and well being in all of this. Since they first met him, they have been callous and more interested in the “show” side of things. On the first time we left them alone with him, they ruined 2 pairs of socks because they were more interested in taking pictures than changing a diaper. They thougth it was hilarious that they washed them in the toilet. The second time, they woke him up to “see his eyes” to take a picture. Then, there was the train table incident. That was the end of my leaving him unsupervised. Doug let them take him to hoffman’s and take him on rides unsupervised. It was a HOT day. He came home, soaked through his pull up (he hadn’t been changed all day) and had not been offered a drink at a place with VERY LITTLE shade cover.

I would be worried sick with them in any sort of supervisory role with Isaac. So, it doesn’t happen. They can call me all of the racial slurs they want (Spic bitch is their favorite…I say they need to get a smidge more creative.)

So, while they are here, Isaac will be with me, one of my friends or my parents. If I can help it, they will have NO interaction with him whatsoever.

I hate having to be this way. Ir eally do, but when it boils down to my child’s safety and well being, I can’t leave him with people like this.


Entry filed under: outlaws.

Does he realize that it’s seriously hot and humid? I’m so tired. so freakin tired.

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  • 1. Heidi  |  September 29, 2007 at 12:27 am

    Sucks, but you know that you are doing the right thing and quite frankly you can’t make everyone happy so why not make yourself (and your family) happy? Family is tough. I had to put my foot down with my in-laws very early in my marriage. They basically treat my stepson like a criminal. Okay so he is rambunctious and can be difficult. But he is a good kid. No reason to be mean. In-laws didn’t like that I spoke directly to them. I have found out since then that they like to talk behind your back to everyone else and then you find out – last. I tend to just tell things like they are right then and there. They will get over it or they won’t, but good for you standing up for yourself. Keep up the good work. You know you are doing the right thing.


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