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Yes, I am Asiorican.

Yes, it's a sushi playset...


October 29, 2007 at 9:39 pm 3 comments

Hey Santa…

Geez….I must have been REALLLY good this year.

This came to visit me today…

Luuuuuuuuccccccyyyy....I'm Hoooooooommmmmeeee

Yep! She came to visit me….

How ’bout a close up?

I got her best side!

 What I wish I had grabbed a photo of is the way the chocolate brown fades into tan…But, oh, well. y’all get the idea…

Notice the header? Yeah, I love it that much!

The mailman seems to think I’m strange, as when I saw the return addy, I started bouncing up and down and yelling “YARN!!!”

Santa, thank you. You are too wonderful. She will be a most yummy pair of socks…..

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

October 29, 2007 at 9:37 pm 3 comments

Why my sides hurt tonight

Isaac and I were driving home from dinner and errands tonight, and on one of our stops, I purchased him a Melissa and Doug musical instrument puzzle, with sound.

In the car, he proceeded to tell me: “I want to be a rock star. I gonna play the drums! I go CRASH!!”

I died. I then asked him if he would rather be a rock star or drive a NASCAR.

He thought for a few seconds, and said “I gonna drive a NASCAR. I put on my helmet, I go round and round the track, I start my engine, I go to the left….what color my NASCAR? It RED!”

that went on for a few minutes. It was all I could do to stay on the road, I was laughing so hard…and this isn’t even including the Spongebob incident at K-mart.

Oh, help me.

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Some days, I wonder what makes Isaac’s world tick,a nd how he categorizes things. It really makes me laugh sometimes. Over the past few days, he’s made some “corrections” of sorts when I say something. It’s actually quite funny.

My favorite two are these:

When Doug came home from the hospital, Princess Pretendtocare sent him a stuffed dog and some flowers. Isaac promptly claimed the dog. Doug didn’t mind. Well, Isaac carried that sucker around for 2 days, and at one point, we had to go out. He brought it with him, and when we got to the store (I think it was target…) I asked him if he wanted to bring his dog with him. He said to me:

“It not a dog, Mommy. It a PUPPY.  No, no bring puppy into the store.”

I stand corrected.

The second was today. We were driving over to the ‘rents house, and I offered Isaac a pack of the Lilo and Stitch soy crisps. They come in flavors, and one is Banana. I said to him “Isaac- do you want Banana, strawberry or french toast?”

He thought about this, and was very confused. I repeated the request, dropping out the strawberry, for fear that I overloaded him….

He thought for a few more minutes, and said:
“That not a banana! Those LILO COOKIES! I want some Lilo cookies!”

I stand corrected again.

October 27, 2007 at 6:59 pm 4 comments

Since it’s been such a crummy set of weeks…

I did some SERIOUS retail therapy. Ok, ok, most of the items were needed…badly…but the point is, I went and spent money while the ‘rents (bless them) kept the Monkey.

Let’s discuss my obsession with Old Navy’s new line this fall.

I love henleys. Love, love, love. I cannot get enough of these functional, but super comfy shirts.

Old Navy is making CUTE henleys…and ones with BABYDOLL necks too!!!!!

So, after I dropped the Monkey off, I went and paid 2 bills, and then headed over to the dreaded (yes, Robyn..when you live near it, you try to stay away from it.) Crossgates Mall. I did this, because the one bill I had to pay (cable/phone/internet) is literally right next door to the mall. I headed into Pottery Barn Kids, meandered around, picked up some Halloween Surprises (on clearance, mind you!) and then wandered down the escalator to Old Navy. Did I mention I love the fall line there? Not too “trendy” more down to earth, really soft, funcitonal, not too heavy…just what I love in a line of clothing.

Well, I got into there, and the assault of SALES hit me in the face. henleys…printed and not…10.00 each. Ahhh. That’s a price I can live with. Base on those is 16.50, plus tax. I peeked at what the mall Old Navy had in the Halloween department. Umm…yeah…one small rack with 4, yes 4 costumes left. The rest were relegated to the stands in front of the registers. Can we say picked over anyone? I digress….so, After I grabbed 2 of the henleys, I wandered around in search of a new hoodie/fleecie because both of mine died. I stumbled upon this really comfy hoodie (that’s not ont he website! Bah! I’ll have to take a picture later…) and snatched that up too! I saw so many more things that I wanted, but I had to walk away..because I needed more things!!

Thrilled with my score, I wandered out of Crossgates, and headed over to Colonie Center. There, I had 2 main hits. I needed to hit Lane Bryant (jeans and assorted chonies) as well as the Christmas Tree Shop. When The Angel Forever and I were there the other day, we stumbled onto these. Now being the Lilo freak I am, I picked them up, and we both decided at the low price of 3.99 for 18 packs, that we’d pick them up. Well, all of our boys (and us too!) love them! So, I went back today and got 2 more boxes…as well as some other stuff. Then it was on to Lane Bryant. Man, did  I score there. I got the assorted chonies, but the huge score was jeans that were regularly 39.50 were marked down to 9.99. Yes, 9.99. I got 2 pairs.

So, when all was said and done, total spent on clothes…just over 100.00. This included….

2 pairs jeans

2 tops

1 hoodie

5 pairs of chonies

2 bras

 and on the other items…those totaled 12.00…

6 small Halloween surprises

2 boxes of soy crisps

1 pack Snoopy antibacterial wipes (I love the shape of the container and they’re great for the car!)

1 pack Snoopy antibacterial gel (always comes in handy! Nicet o keep in the car as well!)

So, retail therapy was done. I feel so much better. What exactly is it that makes you feel so much better about spending money…even if, in my case, you need the stuff and you dont’ spend the money on yarn!?

October 27, 2007 at 5:01 pm 1 comment

The answer to all questions

Tonight, I was looking for my copy of Charmed Knits. I looked where it should be (my knitting stash) and then, I went down to the other 2 places it could be…bathroom and bookshelf.

As I was looking on my bookshelf, I came across my Yellow Belt manual for Shuri-Ryu.

I flipped through the answers to all of the test questions, and reminded myself of a conversation I had with a friend.

“when in doubt, remember, the answer is always Grandmaster Robert A. Trias. Doesn’t matter what the question is, the answer is ALWAYS Grandmaster Robert A. Trias.”

That, my friends, is the answer to any question posed.

and has given me a much needed good laugh.

Ok, ok…here. This is Grandmaster Robert A. Trias. I will post the page of questions at some point so y’all can see that almost EVERY OTHER STINKIN QUESTION has the answer “Grandmaster Robert A. Trias.”

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Stupid, stupid people

So, there was yet another recall announced…

the Bumbo seat was recalled and I’m appaled. This is yet another company doing a CYA maneuver because of user error.

What MORON puts a child, who has limited head control and almost no ability to move itself around and no protective reflexes on a table, in a seat, and then reports that the product is defective when the child falls out of the seat and gets injured? Well, obviously enough that they have to REWORD the instructions. Where is the parental culpability on this? Must every product be recalled because of a user end error? When are companies going to start saying “Look. you’re a moron. You screwed up.” People need to take responsibility for their actions with their children and realize that they DO have some responsibility,a nd not all of it belongs on the heads of the company.

Lead paint in toys, one thing.

Being stupid and oding your children on cough medicine and using a seat incorrectly, completely another.

I never owned one of these, because Isaac tried it, hated it and I thought 40.00 was waaay too much to spend on this thing that he would only use for a few months! What the heck! 

Is there a way we can prevent stupid people (kinda like my cousin…) from getting these when they are put back on the shelves? She’s the kind of idiot that would od her own child on cough meds, because the kid said “they taste good.”

yeah. Morons.

soapbox over.

October 25, 2007 at 7:10 pm 2 comments

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