Some mornings, it’s just not worth getting out of bed.

October 7, 2007 at 3:12 pm Leave a comment

Yeah, that was my day yesterday. I just should NOT have gotten up. At all. End of sentence, end of story.

First, we had the mouse and guts incident, and I won’t get into that again. Just know, it takes a whole ton of resolve to get mouse blood out of carpet on stairs. Ick. Ick, ick.

Then, I try to take my child to my ‘rents house so they can be zookeepers babysit the Monkey so I can go see Doug. On my way, I run into the COLOMBUS DAY PARADE blocking up most of North Main Avenue. I go and start the detour and attempt to go one of 5 back ways I know and run into ANOTHER blocked street where the stupid meter maid was giving me greif about turning around. I was trying to go a bit down so I didn’t hit any of the parked cars while executing a  K turn on this street. So, I ask her what streets are blocked off so I know which way to take to get to the ‘rents house.

she says “It’s the parade.  I don’t know what are blocked off. you just can’t go this way. ”

I said “So, wait. you are helping to direct traffic and you know nothing?”

She says “Who cares. Just go down to Dove and see if you can find your way back.”

I went down a different street that dumped me out CLOSE to where I needed to go. I only had to go 3 extra blocks to get to the rents house.

Oh, yeah, and did I mentiont his was after a few errands and Isaac kicking and screaming and doing all of his temper tantrum tricks and kicking the car because he didn’t want to do what I asked him?

So, then, after I leave Doug at the hospital (I escaped the monkey for a few precious hours, and instead forced Doug’s dressing to get changed because it was oozy-goozy. It was gross. I wont’ say any more, because most people would be absolutely disgusted by this. Me, no..others, yes.

I pick Isaac up at Colonie Center. I’m a bit miffed because my ‘rents told me I could go sneaker shopping (I only have one battered, beat up pair of slides that aren’t going to make it much longer.)and they’re waiting in the parking lot with a huge, annoying toy for Isaac. (This sucker is more than annoying. They said it was cute. Yeah, right. And I’m America’s Next Top Model.) I put the snot butt in my car (screaming and hitting and kicking) and I start to pull out. I hear “thump, thump, thump.”

Yeah. That was my tire. Yeah. my tire was FLAT. I lose it and just break down into tears. I limp the sucker to Sears and tell them to replace the 2 front tires. As anyone knows, you can’t just get ONE tire. You gotta do them in pairs.

SOOO, $264.89 and 2 hours later, I have 2 new tires.

At this point I was so hungry and I figured Isaac was too, we went to Friendly’s. After our soup (which I have to take a detour for a sec…why is it the same size soup for a child is .99 that for an adult is $2.49? Just wondering.)he began to HEAD BUTT me and I couldn’t eat anything. So, I got everything to go and then headed the child home, where he proceeded to get a second wind and not go to sleep until 9:00.

THEN, this morning, Time Warner does their issue of the century and blows up at 7:00. I have no phone, no internet and no TV (mid Emily Yeung for Isaac…he was not happy) So, we get dressed, and as we’re dressed and ready to hit the door, everything starts working again. Time Warner is a peice of crap. I hate paying them. But I digress. So, we roll out the door anyway, go get bagels and go and do the church thing.

We go see Doug…and we tried to go paint pumpkins. I have all of the supplies here for when he decides to come to his senses and act normal.

I think I’m going to go back to bed. This day sucks, just like yesterday sucked.


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