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A conversation that could only happen in a house with a preschooler

“You know…why can’t Eubie’s Aunt Mellie and Uncle Zooter ever finish a sentence of their own? It drives me BATTY!”

“For the same reason that I want to push Twinkle off of a cliff every time she says “I know, I know I know!”

“wait…what about Uncle Lemmo? ”

“what about him?”

“Can we really have aliens invade his diner?”

(Isaac chimes in asking for toast…)

“Ok. Wayne. I’ll get you some toast…you want peanut butter on that?”

Yeah…we’ve seen too much Higglytown Heroes around here…


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and I thought my house was the hotbed of bathroom angst

The Harlot bought a new toilet seat.

This almost rivals the toilet seat fiasco here.

just go read.

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I have now confirmed I have a drummer on my hands, to my absolute horror. Let me explain.

Isaac came off the bus today and came in and as per usual, gave me his backpack to open up and read his notebook and pull out any art and important notices. I do that, and put the bag down on the floor. Well, he comes by and starts going into his backpack. He comes up with his DRUMSTICKS. The little monkey packed his drumsticks to go to school with him today! Doug didn’t catch it, and I slept in this morning (bed invasion!!) so I didn’t see him leave….

wonder if the school noticed?

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And now for something completely different.

Before I get to my Doodlebops pics, and Furball guarding the loft, it’s time for a bzz…

So, most people who read this know I’m part of bzzagent. Y’all know. Free stuff for word of mouth and HONEST opinions. I’m not going to tell someone I like something if I don’t. That’s just me.

So, this latest campaign I got offered was this. Yeah, that’s a Sonicare Flexcare with UV sanitizer.  Yes, I have it now sitting in my bathroom, which is pitifully small (again, I didn’t pick this house, but that’s been covered ad nauseum on here.). I had heard from Trek that this was one awesome toothbrush, and I can’t help but agree!

This sucker has a UV disinfecter built into the charger where your brush head sits, and gets all kinds of clean. You know, the sanitizer gets ride of that lovely thing that’s been infecting everyone, e.coli as well as a few others. You put your damp brush head in the sanitizer, hit the power button and walk away. It does all of the work for you! You don’t even have to turn it off. It’s got an auto shut off. Again…things that I love that are less work for me…and don’t require more attention than I have at this point!

 Also, I love the fact that this sucker has a TIMER on it. You flip it on, put it on the clean setting and it goes for 2 minutes. Then, it shuts off. I can deal with that. It’s also got a sensitive setting as well as a few other settings that I haven’t played with. I know there’s one that only does a fast clean for a minute…but again, I haven’t played with those…but man. what a toothbrush!

The other thing I love about this? It’s GREEN! It’s rechargable! There’s no batteries to replace or any of that. Keeps those nasty batteries out of our landfills. I know, it’s a small thing, but hey. If I keep the batteries out of the landfills, maybe someone else will too.  It decreases my footprint by just a small bit, but hey. every little bit helps.

I’m just beyond floored with this toothbrush, and I’ve never been able to say that at all about any toothbrush.

So, here’s the deal. I’ve got these 10.00 off coupons for sonicare toothbrushes. You don’t have to use it on the flexcare…but I highly reccomend that one. I’ve got a bunch. Leave me a comment and I’ll give them out to whoever wants one until I run out of coupons.

shhh…if you can use them at Target, it makes the price a whole lot better…..

November 28, 2007 at 11:35 am 2 comments

Busy, busy day…

And I still have yet to offload my camera so y’all can see the hilarity that was the Doodlebops!

and what’s even sadder is I started this entry oh, a day and a half ago, and haven’t had the time/energy/brainpower to really get this one off the ground!

So, what I’ll do is stop this right here…then go get my camera…and offload pictures. Then, y’all can see things and I can just go with having a half brain today.

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I was puttering around on celebrity websites today (just because I was in need of a fix of a few wackjob celebrities that make my crazy life look positively BORING..) and caught an article on Denis Quaid’s twins. I was horrifed to learn that they had been given 10,000 units of heperin instead of 10. At Cedars-Sianai hospital. Supposedly one of the best in Los Angeles.

This all boils down to a simple nursing error. So what a tech stored the vials in the wrong place. So what that the TECH didnt’ do their job…it all boils down to the nurses who give the medications at critical times. These nurses didn’t check the vials, read or even notice that they were pushing a SERIOUS overdose of an anticoagulant into not just the Quaid twins, but another baby in the NICU as well!

 How can a nurse NOT read the vials, just grab and go, especially in a NICU, where children are often so tiny that every little bit could send them over the edge? How can a registered nurse even think of not double checking the vial against orders? How is this completely possible? It’s not even defensible with a devil’s advocate of “well, they were probably tired.” It’s just not. Heperin is DANGEROUS in large quantities! Cripes!

Doug went postal when he heard about this. His line? “I hope whoever did this loses their licence.”

Yeah. Me too darling. Me too.

I don’t talk alot about Isaac’s experience in the NICU, because even now, over 3 years down the road, I really have a hard time. Just know, when my drugged out brain was presented the list of hospitals that were acceptable to my insurance at the time, Cedars-Sianai was on the list. Thank the good lord that was too far to go for us.

soapbox over.

November 25, 2007 at 11:43 pm 1 comment

Asioricans 1, “sushi is bait,” 0

Today, Isaac was doing his usual deed…attempting to use leftover chopstics (clean) as drumsticks. At least they were clean, and not the ones he was eating with, as always…but I digress…

So, here’s how the conversation went down….

Me: Isaac, you may not use the chopsticks for drumming.

Isaac: I’m going to drum!

me: Monkey…what are chopsticks for?

Isaac: Chopsticks are for picking up sushi, not drumming.

Isaac wanders away in search of somethng else that would be suitable for a my knittting needles..

Doug just rolled his eyes and muttered something about bait.

See? My child is a true Asiorican!

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