Her house is SO going to get egged!

November 2, 2007 at 7:07 pm 2 comments

(I’m still too purturbed (sp?) to even talk about what has gone on in my living room, and started project “take back the loft” so, I offer you this tale of grouches on Halloween… Hopefully, by tomorrow, I will have enough composure to explain the way the last few days have been here at Chez East Boondock.)

So, it’s Halloween, and Isaac is gung ho for trick or treating. Since the county I live in (as well as all of the surrounding counties) has an 8 pm curfew, we headed out of the house at 4:45. We walked to the end of the street, hitting houses along the way, and we even went to the house of the supermarket head hancho that has the most atrocious lawn art. I swear, I need to take photos of this, but I digress. Well, we turn the corner from said head hancho’s house (btw- for those interested, the head hanchos gave out PB cups. And Isaac got a lot.) and run into a group of young trick or treaters like Isaac (with parents) and we all converge on one house. It is 5 pm. The oldest of the group (Kindergartener) leads the charge of preschoolers up to the front door. Goes in, rings the doorbell, and they all wait. The girl handing out the candy comes from a SIDE entrance! We all apologize for going to the wrong door, and the kids get their candy. Meanwhile, Grouchy Middle Aged Lady (GMAL) comes flying out the front door, yelling at us. Yes, Yelling at us. GMAL told us that it was too early to be trick or treating and that 5 pm was just too early, and where did we get off bringing the kids out this early, and letting them go into a porch full of wet paint.

Wet paint? What?

So, finally after we picked up our jaws off of the slate walkway, one of the other moms says, in a slightly snippy tone that GMAL deserved that these were preschoolers. This is when they come out. There is a curfew, and what? were we supposed to bring them out at 9 pm? And as for the wet paint, there was no sign. How are we supposed to keep them away when we don’t know about it ourselves?

GMAL didn’t respond. She just harumphed off and blocked the front door as the kids all made with the niceties with (we think) the daughter.

You know, her house is going to get egged or TP’d if she pulls that with anyone over the age of 8. If it does, I won’t feel bad at all. GMAL deserves it.


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It’s my FAVORITE! It’s in the genes.

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  • 1. ma2jenna  |  November 2, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    It is NOT full moon but something is in the air!! I had to yell at an old lady in the market today! And yes, HAD TO. Sorry Bertha, you gave me no choice. I think I would have given that ladies candy back to her and left. What a B! About the egging- I went to my chiropractors on Thursday night and being the last one there I informed him that I noticed he was egged. He was shocked and said really?? (I know he doesnt come in the front door of the house he is located in). I said come see! Someone had hung up a small (about 3×3) size picture of an egg on the front of the house LOL! Thought it was hilarious!

  • 2. Secret Santa  |  November 3, 2007 at 10:56 am

    Oh, I just love that idea of “egging” with the picture! That is just too cute! Now, if only I can remember it the next time I need it…lol.


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