A man’s view on Martha Stewart

November 5, 2007 at 10:34 pm 1 comment

So, every year, Doug and I search out the Martha Stewart Holiday specials, because we like to sit and yell at them, and see how she makes the holidays seriously pretentious. Come on. this is the woman who makes mini-latkes (using a RICER) and then tops them with caviar. Ummm…yeah….

So, we stumble upon the Thanskgiving bastardization special and we tune in as she’s making a pretentious pumpkin pie with her neice. As her neice is gently making a decorative edge (and I’m yelling things like ‘COME ON!’) Doug finally gets fed up enough…and says:

“Ok. It’s at this point that any sensible person would say “screw this” and go to Hannaford and come back with a  store bought pumpkin pie and a can of Redi Whip. Who needs to go through all of this?”
As I’m laughing my rear off…he then notices that the pie has to sit on a cookie sheet to bake. He then says:
“Ok. I’d spill half the damn thing getting it to the stove. Come on! Why are they wasting their time in the kitchen, when they could be out in the living room watcihng a decent football game? This is what Hannaford is for!!! Man, Martha is bastardizing this holiday.”

I told him I was blogging this.

as I’m doing this, she’s obviously in a cranberry bog…and all I heard from downstairs was “Oh, what the hell? Who let her in the cranberry bog. She is NOT making a cranberry wreath… This is a project for someone with nothing better to do. Dumbass cranberry wreath!”

This is why we watch it. It’s some sick, perverse thrill.


it’s nice to have my Doug back. Even in spurts.


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  • 1. Shelby  |  November 6, 2007 at 10:47 am

    So glad he’s back! I hear you on the Martha Stewart stuff. It’s nice in theory, but who in their right mind has the time to do all this stuff?? Not in a million years!


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