Have we gone to far?

November 6, 2007 at 9:45 pm Leave a comment

So, in going through my stuff for the music and movement class that I’m starting on Tuesday, I found a seriously altered version of “Little Bunny Foo Foo.” I read it, then, I looked at my boss and she said that it deeply disturbed her. I told her that I was scared…

So, everyone knows little bunny foo foo…and his fairy godmother. Here’s where this one goes terribly wrong…

After Bunny pops the field mice on the head, Mommy bunny comes out and says…

“Now Little Bunny foo foo, I know you know better than to treat another animal that way. You go sit by yourself for a while and then think about this.”


It gets worse.

The second time through, after you sing about the field mice, here’s what comes next…
“Now Bunny Foo Foo, I am very disappointed in your behavior. I know you can think of a nicer way to treat that mouse. You go sit by yourself a while longer and when you think of a nicer way, you let me know.

So, bunny foo foo sits a while longer and finally:

Little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest, scoops up a field mouse and gives him a great big hug.

And his mother says,

Little bunny foo foo, I’m so proud of you! Come into my lap and get a treat big hug.

and the moral of the story is that it is much better to be hugged than hit.”

Yeah. Right.

When did we have to make every childhood song have some sort of agenda? Why do people make the driver on the bus say “move back please?”

There ARE unpleasant situations in life. There are unpleasant people. Why must children sing songs where everyone is nice, kind and not in any way scary? When did it become the norm to shelter children from every little thing in life that may be scary or unpleasant? When did we make it so that all children must win? Isn’t there something like oh, sportsmanship? Being a gracious loser? When did those lessons stop?

I understand the need for non-competition, but competition is inherently human.

As adults, have we gone too far in making things sanitized and safe, and then releasing the floodgates when they hit 18? I feel that we have. Of late, society is more focused on making each child feel special, individual and all of that junk. There’s not really any criticism, so when a teenager gets their first term paper ripped to shreds, they are crushed. For cripe’s sake, grades in the elementary schools have gone from numbers, to letters to E, S, O, NI to numbers. Parents don’t even get this system. They have to hold parent nights to explain the number system for them! In some schools, you can’t even celebrate a birthday, because they do it during one week (where they celebrate everyone’s at once)!

Children need a varied series of situations to make them into well rounded individuals. You learn that people are different, but you accept them just the way they are. I just can’t get into the “sanitized and special” trap that a lot of these kids songs fall into.

and no, I will NOT be using what is billed as the “New and improved” version of Bunny Foo Foo. It disturbs me as much as it disturbs my boss, Kate.

Soapbox over.


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