Nurse Swap

November 7, 2007 at 8:05 am Leave a comment

Yes, I’m STILL too irritated to talk about my living room. So, we’re going to do a fast update on some other things…

Doug is home, and showing shades of himself. He’s cracking jokes and is less grouchy by the day. He gets a visiting nurse service (because I’m not good enough…and we do like a professional to peek at that 0pen wound…) 3x/week. Here’s where the wheels fell off last week.

When he was home the first time, we were matched with a nurse, and I didn’t think she was the best choice for us, but didn’t say much, because she seemed competent…and we initially asked for her to come back, simply because she knew the case and all of that mess. That was a mistake. She came Thursday, with an unnanounced student in tow. She was extremely unprepared, and kept demanding things from me, and basically making my life miserable. She made Doug extremely anxious, and then demanded to know “what you’re so anxious about.” This was in a very nasty, snippy tone. I was NOT happy. Neither was Doug.

Doug also has an area that is kind of “oozy” for lack of a better term. It’s right near his open wound. So, she made me demanded that I demonstrate how to dress the wound (read: do it for her.), and she did the “oozy” care. Well, 10 minutes later, the site is leaking, and has completely contaminated the clean dressing I had JUST done. Doug and I rushed to fix the oozy site and we did…and then, I had to redo the dressing on the poor guy. This dressing involves packing an open wound with saline soaked gauze. Not either of our ideas of fun.

So, all day, I was irritated…and finally, in the afternoon, I was outraged enough, and had consulted a few people to make sure I was NOT going off the deep end (I need that feedback sometimes. Especially when I’m sleep deprived and stressed.)and I called the visiting nurse office and asked to speak to a supervisor. I laid out all of my concerns…the unnanounced student, the leaky site, the snippy attitude…and she asked if we wanted a new nurse. At the same time, she was trying to defend some of the actions that happened. It aws completely flabbergasting. Doug and I (and a lot of people) feel that you just dont show up with a student without asking permission from the person first. For cripe’s sake, in this house, most times, students are welcome, but when you’re just home fromt he hospital, after almost a full month of being in, you really dont’ want anyone at all bothering you…much less a student! I don’t care if the student is furthering their education, ask us! We would have said, extremely politely, no thank you this time, but maybe another.

 I told the supervisor I needed to talk to Doug, since he was the official patient. Doug told me he wanted a new nurse. I couldn’t blame him, since the one we had was really on BOTH of our nerves. So, I called back and got him a new nurse.

Can we ever have anything go right here on the first shot? I hate having to make pissy phone calls.

maybe tomorrow, I’ll talk about the living room. I know, I keep saying that, but I’m still SOOOOOO irritated by it, that it would be a seriously profanity laden post, and I don’t wanna do that.


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Have we gone to far? What would you do?

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