Evil living room furniture

November 18, 2007 at 3:36 am Leave a comment

So, it’s taken me this long to be civil about the THING that has invaded my living room.

Let me just say this: There are no photos of this…thing…because I fear that it will break my camera with its evilness. Taking a photo of it also means that I am forcimg myself to accept its presence in my living room. I will not do that.

So, what is this…thing…

it’s a lazboy recliner. Doug’s ass is plunked there 24/7. And it’s huge. In my small living room…and it made me move my beautiful, cherry wood rocker up to the loft.

Let’s discuss this…..

Doug comes home from the hospital,a nd I have NO KNOWLEDGE that Colostomy puchrased this almost 500.00 chair for him. Wanna know how I found out? I got a call from the delivery company asking if we could take delivery THAT NIGHT. Yeah. Nothing like notice.  I was Pissed. I was beyond that state. I was livind to the point that I was getting ready to aim things (hard things) at Doug’s head and laugh as they bounced off.  I told darling Dougie that he had 30 minutes to figoure out a way to get taht H-fing-mongous thing into the living room an dkeep my beloved rocker, as that’s the only damn peice of furniture that I asked for in that living room. Well, that didnt happen…so, now, my living room is all DOUG. There are records all over the place and there are tapes and video tapes;…and a flipping couch…and one end table. The other got relocated so that we had space for the dining room table (we have a “grat room.” I hate that concept…but let’s not go into why I hate this house…that’s been covered multiple times before.)

I guess what bugs me the most in all of this debacle is the way that I found out…and the fact I wasn’t consulted. Mom kept saying “oh, it will add to the ilving room.” Yeah, right. You lose again mom. This is just hogging up space that we have precious little of in the postage stamp size house that we have (but we have no uptsairs neighbors or downstairs ones to worry about…no abuse cases or schizophrenics…so I have to chalk up one for E. Nowhere.) I also just think that a house needs to show all of the occupants…well, my area is now the loft. No one sees it…Downstairs is all Isaac and Doug. Isaac’s got cars all over the place…and Doug’s got his…junk….

You’d never know that I lived there, save for an odd ball of yarn floating around that I’ve forgotten to take up to my stash in the loft.

am I bitter? Yes. am I angry? Yes. My deal is that I need to be ASKED for a large peice of crap like that recliner. Oi, I prolly would have said “Measure it and then talk tome…” but it would have been a fing CIVIL discussion.

Just goes to show you how I rate around here. Not consulted on the house. Not consulted on the furniture for the living room. …

and Doug will NEVER get his begged for Dr. Who scarf. I’m NOT making it for someone who does not see fit to consult me on these things….

Hey…a knitter can have some sort of revenge, can’t she?
Me and my yarn are hidden away upstairs in the loft.


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Just some Isaac moments… Let’s just cut to the chase here..

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