Stupid, stupid people…the next incarnation

November 20, 2007 at 4:12 pm 1 comment

So, because of Doug’s multiple medical issues (and that’s being polite), we’ve had to use Edgepark for supply purchase. Normally, this is a seriously pleasant experience, if not downright completely efficient. Today, however, I have run into the latest dose of….


We ordered a particular supply on Friday, because we had had issues with said other form of supply (that was leading to my asscrack of dawn medical debacles…and no sleep…this new supply allows me to sleep because it prevents medical debacles at the asscrack of dawn!). We also ordered a back up of another less urgent supply, but none the less needed. We have plenty right now, but we were going through them like water with the original medical debacle.

 So, I go through the efficiency, and explain our urgency (we had 2 of the big gun at the time…and that’s not so good)and get told by said agent that they would ship that day.

Ok. fine.

No UPS on Saturday…so, no biggie. We’re gunning for Monday. We have payment in hand for Mr. UPS, and we’re hanging in so that we can do the exchange and signature.

Monday-No Mr. UPS! What the heck!!!

Tuesday (today) Mr. UPS! But alas, not the package we were expecting him to bring…Mr. UPS brought my Sonicare flex care with UV disinfector from Bzzagent! (more on that later! this thing is awesome!) BUT, we didnt’ figure that out until he handed me the pack and I saw MY name on it,a nd NOT Doug’s..

So, I get on the phone with edgepark. I’m on hold for what’s like FOREVER…and I get an agent. I explain the situation, and she informs me that UPS has us on the delivery schedule for TOMORROW…and she can’t tell me what time…

SO, after back and forthing with her and letting her know that we would be out most of the morning due to a doc’s appointment with the infectious diseases doc…she suggested we leave the payment taped to the door. Yeah. Really smart idea…leaving a cashier’s check taped to the door… (everyone pull the stupid chain right now…STU-PID!) By t his point, I have had it with this agent and decide to get a smidge snippy as she’s been condescending the entire time, and she does the final thing to piss me off…tell me to call UPS.

I finally demand a supervisor, because I’m clearly getting nowhere with this agent. She starts backtracking and being nice and I told her “the only words that should escape your lips right now are ‘yes ma’m’ and get your supervisor. I dont’ want to hear another word out of your lips.”

So, she puts me on hold and the supervisor comes on. I explain the situation…explain that I was told it would be shipped Friday,a nd here we are on Tuesday, no product and we’re down to 1 of the big guns (we had to break into them for a routine change). I’m angry about being lied to and I’m tired of the snippy nature of the last associate…and what is she going to do to remedy this and make me un irritated?

Then, I found out what had really gone down that made me even MORE angry at the stupidity.

Turns out that they couldn’t send the backup supply..because the insurance said we were not eligible for it. Ok. fine. whatever. They CLAIMED they called us…LIES! Lies I tell you! We got not so much as a message from edgepark. So, nothing had been shipped! It was STILL sitting there…and was going to be shipped today, pending a phone call. Yeah. right. We had no reason to call edgepark until stuff didn’t show up today!!!

So, after the supervisor conceding defeat in the stupid people war and throwing her hands up and admitting this was ALLLLLLL their fault…and that they dropped the ball BIG TIME, we’re getting it overnighted, no signature required, envelope in the box to send our payment in (which I have to change anyhoo because of the one item that’s no longer there).

She also said she’d speak to the stupid, stupid person and set her straight about stupid, stupid responses.

She also said she wouldn’t charge me for the next day air stuff. Damn straight she won’t!

The sad thing is in this game is that I was much nicer to them than I should have been, because they are stupid, stupid people.


Entry filed under: annoyances, cage rattling, customer service, stupidity.

If there’s a turkey in the bathtub, it must be Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • 1. M  |  November 21, 2007 at 12:14 pm

    It’s sad that the best way to get good customer service is to be both persistent and annoying. Glad you convinced them to get all that medical stuff sent! Maybe with the next person, they’ll have their act together.


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