The not-so-irate phone call

December 5, 2007 at 11:08 pm Leave a comment

So, after the evil test proctor made those comments yesterday, I made a phone call this afternoon. Before I did this, I sat and thought it through and thought about if I was an administrator, would I want to hear these things? I know I would.  So, I made the call.

I talked to Ms. Linda, the secretary/registrar, who is just a sweetie. You can tell, she keeps the place running. She’s one of those. I told her everything and she asked me “Did you feel the proctor was unprofessional, abrupt and curt?” I said “Yes. I was very taken aback by her comments and her treatment.”

Ms. Linda told me that this was not the first complaint they’ve had with this proctor. Other students have said things about her and her treatment of them. She then asked me if I’d be willing to put that and my other concern (the quality of the test doccuments…there were questions that had graphic analogies that were so muddy looking, you couldn’t tell what the answer should be because it could have been one of 3 things! ICK!)in writing and send it to the supervisor of the program.  I told her I would…and now am composing a letter to the supervisor of the program.

The test quality issue is too late for me, but it may make or break someone else, so I need to say something. The proctor was out of line.

My ‘rents feel that I’m being trigger happy…but you know. I can’t let this happen to someone else. I just can’t. If she was that rude to me, imagine how she is to someone who CAN’T pull a card like “I taught this subject.” and clam her up.

So, off to write the letter.

It’s for the good of the order.


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oooh…irate phone call time tomorrow!! Haircuts

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