So, it wasn’t the Santa Speedo what?

December 16, 2007 at 7:27 pm 1 comment

We had a kickin time anyhoo!

So, we went to Lark Street, and saw NOTHING. It was freakin freezing, so, we decided the Museum would be our best bet. Isaac’s NEVER been to the museum..because I felt he wouldn’t appreciate it…and well, I’ll get to the other thing. So, we park and walk in. The first thing I ask is “Where’s the Mastadon!!!???”  Why?

Let me explain….

Over in Cohoes, in the 1800’s, they were digging and found a COMPLETE mastadon skeleton…perfectly preserved. This HUGE thing spent years in the front window of the museum, and it was the neatest thing…well, a few years ago, they decided that they needed to move the Mastadon, because the elements of sun, heat and cold were getting to it,a nd would ruin it. So, they took it down, really restored it and then put it back together. I had no clue where they had put it,a nd it’s one of my favorite things in the museum.

Here’s more about it..and you can see the skeleton too!

We found the Mastadon…and I picked Isaac up and was telling him about it, and the docent was floored that I used Mastadon and not Elephant…and tusks and not horns…and we even got to see and feel a mastadon molar and a wolly mammoth molar to see how big they were. Isaac was FLOORED…and I was thrilled. We all learned new things. We also made Mastadon buttons, and met some really cool people…but you’ll hear more abotu that on Thursday…after Wordless Wed…You’ll see why….

Then, we went and visited Sesame Street…we have a set in our museum! We’re the official NYS museum, so we have stuff from alllll over NYS. Sesame Street is filmed in NYC, soooo…we’ve got 123 Sesame Street!

We also have a World Trade Center exhibit. Lots of artifacts, lots of stuff that really makes things almost surreal.

that’s right near the A-train subway car. Isaac loved that…

He played in Discovery Center, ran with mommy to see all of her favorite places in the Museum…(why I wouldn’t take him earlier. He wouldn’t have appreciated all of my favorite places…)

and was thrilled with it all. When we left, he told me he had fun, and wanted to go back. Yep, we’ll be back. The museum does all sorts of fun stuff on breaks, so we’ll be there…


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  • 1. TheAngelForever  |  December 16, 2007 at 9:19 pm

    I had nightmares of the news reports from the Santa Speedo Dash. There were definitely a few of the participants that should NOT have been anywhere close to a Speedo. Of course once was not enough to see, I caught it twice while watching the storm report.

    Keep me posted on the events at the museum during break. Maybe I will brave it with the boys and head there with you guys. I’m shuddering at the fact that after this week vacation begins.

    C’est Moi


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