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January 16, 2008 at 12:15 pm Leave a comment

I swear!

I was reading blogs on the Scavenger hunt swap, and was reading Cynical Knit Gal’s blog and her beloved pooch, Gracie is really ill. Ill to the point that she’s selling off her stash (both fabric and yarn), and sold her sewing machine to help pay for vet bills. Well, as I’m reading about poor Gracie, I realize that the snoring, snorting and general snottyness I hear is FURBALL. She’s got a runny eye, a runny nose and is generally congested and miserable. She’s ben congested for a smidge, but she’s eating and drinking, so I thought nothing of it.

So, I call the vet, explain the situation, and they have me bring her right in. We get there, and the first thing they hear is her being congested. They listen to her and automatically perscribe antibiotics. On top of this, they want to do blood work and then x-rays. Umm…x-rays? On a cat? Yeaaaahhh…

So, the total bill would have been (with everything) over $600.00.

It’s nothing compared to Cynical Knitter’s total right now, but it’s so much more than we can afford.

Plus, I figured why do x-rays when we’ve got an antibiotic that we haven’t even given a chance to work yet. So, I allowed them to do bloodwork, and the antibiotic was a no-choice thing. Never was a choice in my brain, so it’s nota big deal.

The new price tag? $185.00.

Could be worse.

Ok, we have to medicate Furball 2x/day…and that’s not fun, but oh, well.

And Isaac? He saw the crate yesterday, because I hadn’t gotten a chance to bring it back down to the basement and he asked what it was. I told him I had to take furball to the doctor’s. He immediately told me that Furball was sick, and the doctor was going to make her ALLLLLLLLLLLL better!

Let’s hope so, Monkey.


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