The perils of cabin fever

January 21, 2008 at 11:44 pm 1 comment

It is so flippin cold here. This is NOT Anaheim. We’ve been cooped up inside for a few days. Kinda like those days out in SoCal where the air quality was too bad to really go outside for fear of your lungs jumping out of your body and running screaming in the other direction.

So, today, Isaac decided that he had had enough of being inside. He was going to show us how stir-crazy he was (and it didnt’ help that there was no school today..).

So, first, he ran around like a maniac. He told me he was a giant and was high up in the castle. I told him to go and stomp on Doug. He obliged. He yelled SQUISH as he stepped on daddy’s feet. I thought it was funny.

Next, he somehow got on Dora the Idiot Explorer and was chanting something about a map. Shocked that he didn’t get all irritated with her. Man. shows you how bored he was. Doug found Dora on, and quickly turned it back to something more appropriate. Snorks.

Then, during lunch, he was eating Cars Spaghetti o’s. He found Guido and began zooming it around his bowl, yelling ‘PIT STOP!!”

Strange, but tolerable. He got sauce in his hair. He ended up in the tub.

So, the piece de resistanceĀ  of the day of stir crazy little boys is this:

We went to tuck him in, and we turned on the music dujour-Lilo and Stitch, and he found his tambourine. the conversation between him and Doug went like this:

Isaac: Lookit! It’s my tambourine!

Doug: Cool! Go play your green tambourine. It’s all good…

Isaac: It’s not green! My tambourine is BROWN. Look! It’s round!

(insert me falling off the couch laughing at this entire exchange)

Doug : Ok Bongo Bob-you go to sleep.

Isaac proceded to play himself down to sleep for a bit…because he was just waaaay too tired to fall asleep instantly. He stays in bed, but we heard the sound of his fire truck, and we heard him singing along with the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack.

Thank the good Lord school is back in session tomorrow!!


Entry filed under: hilarity, parenting hell, shrimper.

*deep breath* Man…that was close

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  • 1. theangelforever  |  January 22, 2008 at 12:07 am

    I am already cringing about February break coming SO soon. We need to put our heads together on way to not go crazy during that time.


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