“So, do you want to hear my tale of woe?”

January 28, 2008 at 11:24 pm Leave a comment

That was how my mom answered the phone today…I told her if she could beat the tale I’m about to tell, I’d be all ears.

So, here’s what happened.

I was on the phone with the OT..that’s another post. Don’t ask….when I heard a bang, thud, SCREAM from upstairs. Isaac comes flying down the stairs screaming at the top of his lungs,a nd I hang up the phone with the OT and start to try and console Isaac. He keeps saying “I hurt..I hurt…” and before I could get it out of him, a rush of blood comes out of his mouth.

I try to calm him down, and I get the bleeding stopped, but he WILL NOT let me in his mouth for anything. He tried to suck his fingers, but that was a nogo…he was in too much pain. Since he wouldn’t let me in, and wouldn’t suck his fingers, I got worried and made a phone call to the Dentist. Dr. Nancy (yes, that’s what the kids call her! There’s Dr. Nancy, Dr. Jason and Dr. Jennifer!) has us come right in, so I get Isaac in the car and we drive over. The entire time, I’m pre-setting him with “We’re going to see Dr. Nancy. She’s going to look in your mouth and check it out.”

He was ok..until I had to take him away from a video game (darn child friendly offices!!) for his appointment. Dr. Nancy heard the story and why I did kind of a flip out-hey..I couldn’t get in his mouth and see what in hades was going on! It would have been my luck that he would have knocked out a tooth…blah. But, as always, she’s totally reassuring and wonderful…I controlled his arms, and legs, and she took care of his head. She got in, noticed that ONE TOOTH was a smidge discolored from the trauma and that he had a nasty cut on the inside of his mouth…but everything else was good.

Isaac got a sticker (MATER! He was thrilled) and a prize (he picked  a spider from the prize tower) and high fived Dr.Nancy. He’s all good until April..unless anything goes wrong…

please, nothing go wrong.


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