If they don’t want to know, why do they even ask the question?

February 12, 2008 at 11:27 pm Leave a comment

So, first off, to set the scene, I got shanghai’d into this committee for a church Mideval fair event. Basically, last year, we got all gung ho to help…to only find out that there was no place for children at the event, and they were so intent on selling tickets for said event, they had no idea that they just excluded a MAJOR section of the church…the young families, myself included.

So, this year, constant sidekick calls me and says “Since it was your idea anyway, here’s when the meeting is..”

My idea? I just put it out there. I don’t want to organize. I want them to realize that they cannot exclude the children like they did at Christmas…and to buck up and realize that if they don’t start paying attention, people are LEAVING.

 So, due to events that will get rehashed another time (It’s time warner. I don’t have to say much more..) I was late for the meeting. My encounter with time warner left me in serious need of a Michael Jackson mocha. So, since I was late, I figured I’d be spectacular, and stop and get me a mocha.

I walk in and constant sidekick says “Well, look who’s here, and look what she’s got in her hand!”

My line “I have had the week and change from hell. Allow me my Michael Jackson. It’s all that’s keeping my sanity together.”

Ya think anyone noticed what I said? NOPE.

have I ever mentioned that constant sidekick can be oblivious at times???

Well, at one point, committee chair looks over at me and says…
“as a parent, do you think an 11-4 time frame is good for this type of event? Will people with kids come?”

So, I gave my honest opinion that it needed to start an hour earlier, because of lunch and things, and their choice of food was not 100% conducive to what they want to do.

Well, one committee member went off the deep end about how 10 was a bad time to start, because 8 am was too early to get people there to set up, and how this that and the other thing…

well,s he’s going on like a mad woman, and I said “Wait. Parents are up at these hours. You want a family friendly event, this is what you need to do.”
Can you tell I’m dealing with an out of touch committee? They all have children who are grown…or have no children, like constant sidekick.

So, here lies the question in the title…

If they didn’t want my honest opinion, won’t even entertain it all, and are going to do what they want anyhoo, why even bother asking? It baffles the mind.

I swear. I want out of this committee. I’m going to have to organize a mutiny or something.


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