Mid winter break, 2008

February 18, 2008 at 11:11 am Leave a comment

So, we have the President’s week break upon us. I swear, this is a good thing for students and teachers, icky for parents.
Having been on both ends of this, I do have to say, as a teacher with no kids, you only really look forward to the week off. Now, it’s more about corraling Isaac so he doesn’t go stir crazy for a week. 

It also doesn’t help that Isaac’s feeling the effects of the prednisone he was put on for his croup. He’s bouncing off the walls like he’s never done before. He’s not coughing as hard, and he’s actually getting SOME semblance of sleep…but the prednisone makes him bounce off the walls. The doc warned me about the wild thing, but oh, my. She didn’t warn me about the following:

1) listening skills going totally and completely out the window

2) thinking that climbing and drumming on a sleep deprived mommy (from staying up ALL NIGHT with him)  will get him in good with me.

3) Sneaking any sort of food possible. We keep some munchies out for him, because we both know that the prednisone gives you the munchies…but good lord.

4) coming up with delusional stuff…or is that just 3, almost 4 year old behavior. Prime example, he asked me for a fishing pole for the frog tank. Yes, fishing pole.

Right now, I’d love to get him outside to burn some energy, but it’s raining..and guess what? Our lawn is FLOODED again! Yippee skipee! Technically I could put him in snow pants and boots and let him go nuts, but I really don’t want to be cleaning mud for days. It’s a sanity thing.

But ya know, I wouldn’t trade a week with my monkey for anything. I just want to find a way to keep him from asking for a fishing pole for the frog tank.

Oh,a nd keep those names coming! There’s so many good ones! I don’t know HOW we’re going to pick!


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It’s the annual croup fest! Wordless Wednesday 2/19/08*

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