“So, is this the package you’ve been waiting for?”

February 20, 2008 at 11:39 am 3 comments

So, yesterday, I was stalking the mailman as per usual. The mailman has come to laugh at my stalking, because he only knows I stalk him when I have things arriving…like my pack from Belarus!

Yes, I said Belarus.

My Hot Cocoa-beat the winter Blahs swap buddy lives in Minsk, Belarus, working for the Embassy! WOW!

Jen sent the neatest pack…

Neato pack from Belarus!!!

I had issues taking photos of this, because Darling Monkey Child had delusions of taking things from the pack before I took a pic.

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn in Champlaign Sunset-because it matched my personality…WILD! I can’t wait to play with it!!

The mug-now this is cool…comes with a spoon…the handle is slotted so that you can put the spoon IN the handle and not lose it. Isaac thinks that this is the neatest thing, and is trying to USE the spoon. The big line when it comes to the mug is “GET AWAY FROM MY MUG, MONKEY!!”

In the baggie all the way to the right (which didn’t get in the photo too well because of the Monkey…) is some soak and some Euclan wool wash. Mmmmmm…..Niiiiicccceeee!

In the heart bag is the biggest thing Isaac tried to steal…Chocolate covered spoons with MARSHMELLOWS!! Mmmmm. yummmmyyy! He kept saying “Look! There are marshmellows!!” I had to keep telling him to keep his cotton pickin hands off of my pack! Maybe I’ll share later, but geez louise!

Check out that round box…I can’t get a photograph to do it justice-it’s a hand carved box from Belarus. WAAAAY cool! Just absolutely amazing!

There’s juice blends from Ukraine…which I can’t wait to try…because Jen says they’re SUPER yummy, as well as a set of sock needles that look really neat to try. They are this odd kind of coated metal..and they really warm up nicely in your hands. I was playing with them last night…

And there’s the hot cocoa…mmmmmmmmmmmmm….can’t wait to try this…maybe tonight during Top Model…then, I’ll weigh in with a review…yum…

Then, there’s the 3 packs of fun, funky popcorn! Chocolate and carmel, barbecue and original! I’ve never, ever seen barbecue popcorn before! Looks like something fun to try!

The other thing up there is a sunflower brittle. Jen says that they love their seeds and nuts as snacks, and this is one of the yummiest ones you can get! I can’t wait to dig in!

Neato stitch markers!

Check out this stitch marker! I had to do a close up, because you can’t see it in the big pack…it’s a hot cocoa mug! How neato! The kicker? She got it from the same store I ordered MY pal’s stuff through and a set of sushi stitch markers for myself! I highly reccomend her…she’s over on Etsy….Sunneshine ! She does great work, and she’s awesome. Go visit her for all of your stitch marking needs!

This is what Isaac stole the fastest…and I had to talk fast to get him to bring it back for the photo…

RUSSIAN Sesame Street!!!

This is so cool…Russian Sesame Street…otherwise known as “Ulitsa Sezam

Oh, come on. Y’all know I had to go look it up. Don’t look so shocked.

The character on the cover is Kubik-One of 3 that is specific to Russia!

Isaac turned the book over and found a very, very familiar face…and one of his favorites…


That was all it took…he was off with the book and looking through the pages, wondering where he left his colored pencils.

This should be a lesson…How to cement international relations…One Muppet at a time!

Now, onto the blah buster buddy…

It's GRASS!!!

The grass pattern is from Mochimochi Land in her free patterns! It’s so neat!

Jen made it out of chenille and made it big enough that it’s huggable! Oh, it is so choice! I’ve been running around the house to Doug’s dismay going “Look! I got a blade of grass! Look! It’s GRASS!!!” His response? “yes, dear. Blade of grass.”

I asked Isaac what it was, and he said “It’s a W!!!”

Kinda, sorta…not really. Maybe we’ve been watching  “here come the ABC’s” too much around here?

But thank you so much, Jen! Everything is completely awesome, and beyond what I’d ever hoped for!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


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Wordless Wednesday 2/19/08* I did it!

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  • 1. marigold  |  February 20, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Wow! Jen sure sent some nifty stuff 🙂 As the mother of a 2-yo, that muppet definitely caught my eye, too. I wonder how many different languages Sesame Street is in?

  • 2. kileigh7  |  February 20, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    When I was peeking at the Russian version, there are links to all of the other languages that it’s in currently…and there are 11…and they’re expanding into Japan! One foreign language version that you can see in the states is Plaza Sesmo, the Latin American version. One of my all time favorites. It’s great for teaching Spanish…and Isaac loves it!

  • 3. Jenn  |  February 21, 2008 at 2:50 am

    I’m so glad you love your package. Those mugs are the neatest aren’t they? Can’t wait to see those WILD socks! : )



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