Snow and hockey and more snow, oh my!

March 2, 2008 at 12:31 pm 9 comments

Yesterday was quite eventful here at Chez E. Nowhere. We got another dang snowstorm.

Note to the entity that controls the weather…STOP WITH THE SNOW ALREADY!!! It’s March, and this is getting WICKED old with the shoveling and the broken snow blower…SO QUIT IT.

ok. cathartic moment over with.

So, I get my butt in gear and get ready to do the shovel out, and decided that Isaac would enjoy playing outside in the snow. We got him dressed in the snow gear..and let him have some fun while I worked on shoveling us out.

using the mini shovel to dig

Eating snow!

trapsing off to the backyard to see how deep the snow is!

rolling down the snowbank

After all the fun in the snow, We came in for hot chocolate. Little Monkey’s latest game is “you forgot…” (and then fill in the blank). Yesterday, he told me I forgot the marshmellows. We didn’t have any of those in the house. I shared my Grandma Stroh’s hot chocolate (which incidentally is the BEST STUFF!) and then he had the nerve to tell me that I forgot marshmallows? WTH! 

So, let’s fast forward to after dinner.

Doug and I got some free hockey tickets through rbkhockey. Can’t go wrong there. So, we mosied on down to the Knickerbocker Arena  Pepsi Arena Times Union Center to see the River Rats play the Worchester Sharks. This is AHL hockey…just below the Big Gun NHL.

We dropped the Monkey off at the ‘rents. We were orignally going to take him, but since TheAngelForever  (she’s got a giveaway going! Go enter!) and JL weren’t bringing NHL, we decided not to bring the Monkey. It was an adult night out…wow.

Before I go any further with this…I’ve been going to Rats games for years. First, my sister and I would go, and then we slowly added in friends, and then when Doug showed up on the scene, he joined us. We’d always park in the same spot (because we didn’t ever want to pay) and walk the 1/2 block up to the arena.

So, Doug and I parked in the same spot as always, and started the walk up to the arena. We were both looking at each other…and we knew something was missing…it was really odd walking that walk without my sister, and threatening to sell her ticket, or without one of our other friends and threatening to sell her ticket.  We walked up, took the escalator over to the proper door, and then wandered to our seats in time to see the end of warm ups, and for me to scope out the team. Last year or so, the Rats changed major league affiliates. Since the beginning of the franchise, they were affiliated with the New Jersey Devils. (I’ve got tons of drunken hockey player stories…but we’re not even going to go there..) The Devils moved out to Lowell (good riddance after the past few years…and now Lowell is having the same success as they had here the past few years…NONE!! But I digress..) and the Carolina Hurricanes and Colorado Avalanache moved in. Colorado left at the end of last year, and the Hurricanes supplied a full roster.  Wow…the team has now gotten good…

Warm ups…

Drills! Drills! Drills!

Good goalie! Good Goalie!

Then the game started…

Would you all please take the puck to the othe end of the ice?

and I pulled a Robyn and did some knitting at the game

the hockey sock!

I wanted to pay attention, so it’s just a stockinette sock. Tofutsies…mmm…nice and obnoxious! Stockinette is awesome to knit at a game. you can just go mindlessly along…

but I digress again..

So, we won in shoot out. Took 8 shooters to get a game ender! What a game! I was a smidge irritated that the Rats didn’t wake up until the 3rd period. The Sharks were stomping all over them! Argh!

 Doug and I were both thrilled to be out for an adult night..and to see the assistant coach for the River Rats. This guy is an original Rat. He had to retire from playing due to a medical issue. If I remember correctly, in his C2 and C3 vertebrae. NOT the ones you want to mess with. We were bummed not to see him in uniform, but man…we’re just glad to have his presence here! We heard “The assitant coach for the River Rats is Geordie Kinnear.” We about fainted. We wanted him to throttle the defensemen for allowing the goalie to get peppered with shots…but again, I digress.

ok..and now the rant part…

Since WHEN did the NHL allow dance teams to be a part of their game? For cripes sake, the Rats have “Ice Mice” No, not kidding.

Ice mice training the wannabes

This is them dancing with some of the kids from the crowd and one drunk college student during the first intermission. The drunk college student was hilarious.

Now, my big question is WHY do we need a dance team? It’s just kind of ODD at a hockey game. I can see football games, basketball games…but a hockey game?  It’s really no place for a dance team. Especially when they switch to tank tops with “Ice Mice” in rhinestones for the 3rd period. This is NOT family friendly. Not in the slightest.

But overall, it was a fun night. It was great to have an adult night out and to really have a good time when you are in the middle of medical drama all of the time like we are here.

Today, I have to play nice with the family, and not bitch slap cousins and their kids…because it’s gram’s birthday. I’ll have pictures from that later.

So, I’m off to get ready to go for that. eat a snack and work on my sock.


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9 Comments Add your own

  • 1. One Intermediate Knitter  |  March 2, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Yey for knitting at hockey! So proud of you!

  • 2. Robyn  |  March 2, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    Ha ha ha, knitting at hockey! Way to go. That’s the way to do it. No other way!

  • 3. Margot  |  March 2, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    Awww, I miss going to games. Those were good times back in the 90s when Elias, Sullivan, Pandolfo, etc used to be River Rats. I’m finally going to Sabres game at the end of March, so I’m excited about that! 🙂

  • 4. Kathy Bushman  |  March 3, 2008 at 2:21 am

    Saw your Wish List on RAKs and thought I’d pay your blog a visit. Your pictures of the snow brought back memories of playing with my kids in the snow. But that was many years ago and in a different part of the country. Check out my blog to see what kind of winter we had in SE Arizona this year. Good for your knitting in public!

  • 5. becomewhatyouare  |  March 3, 2008 at 10:38 am

    another RAK visit!

    Sounds like a nice time in the snow and at the game. We have no snow in my part of the country (normally) so the pics of the snow were great!

    I’m with you on the NHL dancers…. weird.

    my BORING knitting blog is the other, attached to my user, name is my “regular” (also boring!) blog. Nowhere near enough time to actually have an interesting blog… but that’s it FWIW! 😉

    Happy Monday!

  • 6. Cecily  |  March 3, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    Hi I saw you wanted visits to your blog on RAK. Your post is fun to read and Issac looks like he is having fun. Looks like you got a lot of snow! Enjoy and great for knitting at the hockey game! I used to bring my Christmas knitting to my daughters basketball games. Got a lot of people interested in it.
    Great blog! Happy knitting and blogging.

  • 7. TheAngelForever  |  March 4, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    Hmmm. . . we SO need to do a hockey game and knit together.

    The hockey brings back memories of my Russian neighbor and his Russian/Czech friends BBQ-ing yak. If only Patrik, Sergei B, Servei V, and Vlasti knew how special those days were. Like Margot said – I miss them.

  • 8. sjsmart  |  March 5, 2008 at 5:24 am

    Looks just like Minsk. We’ve got drunks at our games too! LOL. Do you have cheerleaders? We have cheerleaders. Why?

  • 9. amey  |  March 5, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    Hey! We were at the Phoenix RoadRunners game on Sunday (Daniel played a game on the ice after the “quasi professionals” played. Turns out the RoadRunners feed the Worcester Sharks and the San Jose sharks (it was really funny hearing the people behind us say “Wor-cess-ter? Where the hell is that??” So that we could say “WOOSTAH! It’s Woostah. And it’s in Massachusetts.”

    I knitted at that game – worked on some Fetchings – the long plain ribbed bit.

    There are “cheerleaders” at the RR games and the NHL-Coyotes games. The Coyotes chicks are in short skirts and high cut shirts. At the RR they had full cut shirts and pants. This combination is particularly interesting when you add in that the Coyotes arena is much colder inside than the RR arena.

    And how great is it that we have TWO professional arenas in Phoenix? And we have at least two other large rinks and assorted other rinks. Nothing like dressing to watch a hockey game (in a cold rink) when it’s 113.


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