What, is he DELUSIONAL?

March 19, 2008 at 10:35 am

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of President Bush. Really. I’m not. The man won a rigged election (which happened to be a great teaching point for my students at the time…and banked one of my favorite teaching moments EVER…but I’ll talk about that another time.) and sent the country spiraling into a serious economic decline. He took a place where things were nice and even kiel, and sunk the ship. Nice, huh?

WELL, today now marks 5 years of the Iraq war. Yeah. 5 years. AND THE MAN THINKS THAT THIS HAS GONE WELL!!!

Yes, I swear he’s delusional..

If his thought process of “Going well” means countless soldiers dead, stop loss-ing soldiers so they can’t get out when their time is up, suicide rates climbing among military who have been over in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as many, many American families being left without a beloved family member…then, it IS going well.

And since we have so much money as a nation to spend on this war, why can’t we spend it on health care for everyone…increasing programs to get people on their feet because of the mess this has caused…finding ways other than checks to make the economy better. No one is going to run out and spend their checks…ok, most people won’t, most people will pay off their bills and go from there. We’ve already got plans for ours, and that doesn’t include going and blowing it.

I rarely espouse my political views here, other than encouranging people to have a voice in their government by excercising their right to vote and write their elected officials, but here’s my once in a blue moon thing…

1) we need to be out of Iraq. We no longer belong there. We don’t need to send more troops, we need to pull the ones we have out of there and make them come home safely.

2) Whichever candidate wins the election is going to inherit a raving disaster, and will most likely be a one term president. This is not for the sake of being a “good” or “bad” president, it’s the simple fact that they are inheriting a war, an economic mess and a seriously disillusioned country, to the point where so many people are apothetic about this whole thing. Cripes. I’m apathetic, and ya know, I’m NEVER apathetic about elections. I’m the first one with the map and markers sitting at the table on election night. Ok, maybe the second…only beaten out by Dad.

3)Bush has expressed no real reason to keep us in Iraq. So, can I now agree with Michael Moore who said that this is a false war?

4)We still need to vote, apathy or not. This needs to be a large voter turnout so that the elected officals see the constituancies that they represent and know that there is a voice behind those people. Me and my apathy (and Monkey) will be in line to vote. Monkey likes to flip the levers for me.

So, vote, vote, vote…it’s important.

(because I really don’t want a war, comments are off.)


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