Setting the record straight…

March 31, 2008 at 9:50 pm

Since I’ve gotten comments from a ton of people over this, let me make some things fully clear about the librarian.

First, the post was NOT meant to be snarky. Don’t assume that this is all snark. This experience was out of the norm for this library. I was certainly flabbergasted when after explaining that it was a knitting book, that I wanted to knit a shawl from this book and that I had seen it at my local yarn shop, that she still spelled it R-A-P, without asking which way I was spelling it.

Second, this was NOT an assistant. This was a full blown librarian, name tag and all. Her official title? Librarian II. I didn’t ask at the circulation desk, I asked at the reference desk, where librarians are always found at this particular library. I had a comment that actually questioned my intelligence. Yes, I may spell a few words wrong here or there, but as a Special Education teacher with a BS in Special Education and a MS in Educational technology, who speaks 3 languages, this is completely out of line.

 Lastly, this is not a slam on all librarians. I know people have an off day, but this is the drivel that composes my life. One odd experience after another. This is my personal blog.  I have always assumed that librarians are intelligent, well educated people. This one blew me off the map. I didn’t walk up with “it’s a red book…..and I don’t know the author…” and since all of the computerized collection computers were in use, and I didn’t have much time, and needed to possibly reserve this, I made the choice to go to the reference desk. 

Again, let me reiterate that this is a personal blog.  This personal blog is that of a person who has a knack for finding all of the rotten customer service situations in life. Between rancid meat, blundering social workers, clerks who can’t count change, telling waitstaff that you are allergic to something and then having it appear on your plate TWICE, this is my life. I can’t escape bad customer service.

If this librarian had asked me in the first place if it was WRAP or RAP, I wouldn’t have been that person to roll eyes, ect. In fact, at no time during this transaction DID I roll eyes, get snippy or get loud.

Several people have accused me of judging librarians harshly. I, in turn, would ask you to look at the comments. Several are severely judgemental, and harshly so. If you are asking someone not to judge, isn’t the key not to do so yourself? Hrm. That really is something to think about, especially for people who have just stumbled here via a link and don’t have the slightest clue who I am.

So, there you have it. This is the last that will be said on this issue.

oh, and thank y’all for stopping by.


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