Another year down…

April 1, 2008 at 10:08 pm

First off, I want to thank everyone (and Mom…) who sent Happy Birthday wishes to me today, as well as earlier in the week! It was so nice of y’all!

I also want to thank eskith for the post about all of the recent debacle. It was well worth the read…and still is.

I’m lucky to have y’all around.  Even if you’re far away, you are a big part of my life, and you all know who you are.

So, here I am, another year older, up to my eyeballs in stuff that’s going down, and still not sure of the direction that I’m going in.

Is nursing school still on? As far as I know, yes. I’m waiting for the call for the interview, and I think I’ll call them tomorrow and find out when they want me in, due to Doug going into the hospital again on Friday.

Do I still miss CA? Totally. I got this crazy notion in my head the other day that I was going to drive down a few streets that do not exist here in E. Nowhere, and go to the fruit vendor on the corner of two streets that don’t exist here in E. Nowhere. I get in my car, only to realize that I’m in my winter jacket and really…those specific streets and that awesome fruit vendor don’t exist here. I also realize that I can’t haggle my way down to 9.00 for a flat of huge, yummy strawberries just by speaking Spanish and looking cute. STOP LAUGHING. It works. Don’t knock it.

And now, hold on to your hats…I’m about to do something that I may very well never say again…

There are some things I like about here. No, the weather is most definately not one of them, since Colostomy broke our snowblower, and I had to HAND FREAKIN SHOVEL snow this year.

So, it is nice to have some friends around, even in driving distance, so when I need to blow dodge, I can go on a whim.

It’s also nice most times, to have the ‘rents around. They will take Isaac whenever I need them to…hehehe…

So, hopefully, this year will be much better than the last 6 months.

Or I may have to change my opinion of this place from “annoying but tolerable” to “completely right out”

Oh, and thanks again for the well wishes, everyone! I reallllly don’t know what I’d do without them!


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