Fun NYS DMV Style

April 2, 2008 at 6:22 pm

Today, I sold my soul got my butt in gear and all of the paperwork to officially take away any hope of going back to the west coast get my NYS driver’s license back. I decided to go when the DMV in a strip mall, which is a lot less crowded than the BIG honkin DMV in the city, opened this morning at 8 am. I took a small detour to heed the call of the Big Green Sign of a Seattle Based Coffee Company (THANK YOU, MARYANNE!!!) that has set up shop across the street in the OTHER plaza.

Well, I got to DMV at about 8:15, and there was one person at the check in desk ahead of me. Like me, she had all of her paperwork ducks in a row. She presented her stuff (registering 3 cars…paperwork was all neatly grouped by car…and paperclipped together), and at the 3rd one, the clerk looks up and has the following conversation with the woman:

Clerk: you don’t have proof of insurance or title for this vehicle.

Woman: Yes, I do. It’s attached.

Clerk: No, it’s not here.

Woman: It’s right there. Both parts.

Clerk: Oh, I didn’t look down that far.

Hearing this, I cringed, knowing I was next.

I get up to the counter, and present all of my paperwork ducks in a row. For the record, NYS requires a lot of identity verification. They do it by a “point” system. Every acceptable  proof has a point value to it. You also must provide proof of age. That doesn’t count toward your point total.  So, I made sure I had all 6 points accounted for…and the breakdown was like this:

  • birth certificate (required, but 0 points.)
  • CA Driver’s license (2 points)
  • Social Security Card (required…and 2 points)
  • Health insurance card (1 point)
  • W2 that has my SSN on it. (1 point)

Total: 6 points.

So, I hand the clerk everything, and pray that she doesn’t do an “idiot patrol” like she did with the last woman…

Well, praying was in vain.

She went through everything, and then didn’t even BOTHER to open the W2, before having the following conversation with me:

Clerk: I can’t take this. It’s not on the list.

me: It’s a W2. It’s on the list, worth one point.

Clerk: Are you sure?

me: Open it up. it’s folded.

Clerk: Oh, it is. Ok. I just didn’t open it far enough to see what it was.

Me: (left speechless… Thank GOD for the coffee I had in me!)

So, I sign the card for signature, get my picture taken and then get my number to go and see the person who can actually enter all of my information in the computer. The woman ahead of me got called and she was B100. My number? D300. Different things get different codes.

So, I sit and wait. As she’s leaving, they go to page my number, and the doofuses that were behind me in line attempt to jump me. They had to go scurrying back to their seat when the clerk pointed out that they were B101 and not D300, and that they were in fact, paging me.

I get to the clerk who can actually do things, and he asks me for all of my points of ID. Well, thinking I was done with them, I had put them all away. I had to present everything, as well as surrender my CADL. That was hard. Surrendering my CADL was brutal. I feel like a big part of my life went away…but I digress. So, I break out all of my ID, get wished a belated happy birthday by the clerk…and the always question “what are you doing here??” That question does get old…

So, he presents me after some furious typing with my temporary license. Ok. Fine. He was smart. I can deal with this. It’ll take 7-10 days to get my photo doccument, so until then, this is what I have. NO BIGGIE… Plus, BONUS! I was out of there in 30 minutes! Now that’s an achievement!!

or so I thought.

The fun with the remnants of my DMV visit continued.

So, I got this cold, and frankly, I can’t function stuffed up, because my eyes hurt, and I get all crabby and fiesty. So, on my way over to JoAnn fabrics, I stop at CVS for some generic advil cold and sinus.

So, I go to the pharmacy counter and ask for the cold meds, and they tell me that they’re up front. I thank them, grab a bottle of ginger ale and head on up to the front of the store to ask for a pack. Well, I ask for a pack, and they ask (federal regs at work here!) for my driver’s license. Fine, no problem. I present the temporary.

Let the debacle ensue!!!

here’s how it all went down…

Cashier looks at NYS temporary. Unfolds it, turns it over, looks at me, and then says:
Don’t you have a photo one?

me: No, I had to surrender my California one to get this. This is what they gave me at DMV and told me to use until my photo ID comes.

Cashier: I need to get manager approval for this. I don’t know if this is a real NYS DL.

Me: (with head splitting and eyes bulging out of my head from the pressure) Oh, come on! This is a state issued doccument!! What else can I give you? I’m over 21, buying one box of cold meds, because I need to be able to function! (I am on the verge of breaking into tears…)

Cashier (suddenly taking pity on a poor, cold-ridden, CA missing person…): Well, let’s see if this will scan. (she scans it and it takes! What a concept!!) That will be 6.37 please. (I had a bottle of ginger ale too…)

I pony up the money, get to my car, and take two pills.

For cripe’s sake. The perils of an interm license.

Wonder what other fun this will cause me for the next week and a half!


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