Do I have a sign on my head that says “stupid stuff come to me! ?”

April 7, 2008 at 8:00 am 1 comment

So, my life as a freak magnet continues…

Yesterday, I went to visit Doug, and made an obligatory stop at the Starbucks across the street from the hospital. I wandered in and ordered my usual…a black and white (1/2 regular mocha, 1/2 white mocha) and proceded to have this conversation with the barista, who was NOT a newbie…and really should know these things…

me: I’d like a grande black and white mocha with whip please.

Barista: What is that?

me: a regular mocha with 1/2 of the pumps replaced with white mocha.

Barista: So, it’s a Marble Macchiato

Me: No. It’s not.

Barista: So, wait, what’s in this again?

Me: 1/2 regular mocha, 1/2 white mocha.

Barista: It’s a Marble…

me: (interrupting so we don’t have to go through this whole thing a 3rd time…) No, it’s not a marble macchiato. That’s a completely different drink. When I get this, I usually get charged for a mocha, and the barista just splits the pumps.

Barista: Well, I’ll have to charge you for an extra shot.

Me: No, you don’t. It’s the same number of shots, just split up into both mochas…

Barista (who is FINALLY charging me for just a regular mocha…) Ok…I guess….

So, the barista goes over to explain it to the other barista, who knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about…and the first barista says this:
“Well, it hasn’t been on the menu in quite some time, so I’m just not familiar with it.”


Yeah. Right…


How come in every Starbucks I go to, everyone knows about this drink unless they’re a newbie? This is a STANDARD. Even if I have to explain it, I get NO arguement. ARGH…


So, the day keeps going on…


so, for Isaac’s birthday, Doug and I decided that we’re going to get the Monkey a scooter. Just your basic starter scooter so thta he can wear his Diego helmet and zip around the neighborhood, supervised.

So, I’ve been on the hunt in Target, Wal Mart, Kmart and online. Since Doug is in the hospital, and I have to drag the boy everywhere I go, it’s just easier to go and order the sucker online.

So, I dive onto multiple websites and then end up on amazon. So, here is my list of stupid stuff that goes along with this…

  1. Why is a BLUE scooter more than a PINK scooter? What? I’m being penalized again for having a BOY, who doesn’t want princesses and pinky-pink things? Cripes! I don’t want pinky-pink things! Literally, in most stores and on most of the websites, the blue scooter is anywhere from 5-7.00 more.
  2. I was looking at a Diego scooter to match Monkey’s helmet. Why in the name of all things holy would you make a scooter with a 100 lb limit and then have it BREAK under the weight of a 30 lb child? STUPID PEOPLE!!! Every…last……said the same thing-“my child is (insert weight WAAAAAAAAAYYY under weight limit) lbs and the scooter broke on the 2nd day.” Yeah, you’d think the manufacturer would learn…
  3. As I’m reading reviews on amazon for the scooter that I eventually ended up ordering for Isaac (NO SHIPPING…NO TAX! ROCK ON!!), I come across this low-starred review. Ok..Let’s see what it says…

Ready? Here’s the exact review…

My son loved the blue version of this toy. He was never really steady on the regular razors, so this one game him the confidence to even try it. Unfortunatly, while on a long family walk, he got tired of riding his razor, so Dad tried to ride it home. The plastic frame got bent, and it was never usable again. Just keep in mind, that when plastic parts break, it’s over. Wish there was a metal version of this toy. 🙂

Ummmm….The scooter (because it’s built for PRESCHOOLERS)  has a 45 lb weight limit. And this person is complaining that it broke because her obviously over 45 lb husband rode it? Let’s all pull the stupid chain together!!! STUUUUUUUUUUPPPPIIIIDDDD!!

But this scooter should be arriving in time for the Monkey’s birthday. Should be a blast…and as for the other complaints about this scooter…that can be solved with a fast trip to Dick’s sporting goods for a new set of wheels…with some bearings. Teaching little skater punks for a year really paid off in knowing how to remedy that problem!


Entry filed under: stupidity.

Another day, another hospital, another time to deal with an outlaw The things we take for granted on a daily basis

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  • 1. Robyn  |  April 7, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    That’s funny that the lady’s hubby broke it!

    I hate that sometimes boys stuff is more expensive than girls…. especially when you’re just wanting the same thing just not in pink! GRRR!


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