Underwear Lament

May 7, 2008 at 6:22 am 1 comment

So, over the past few days, underwear has been a huge topic of conversation in my house. The simple fact is that yet again, there is a huge disparity between what’s available for girls and what’s available for boys.

Being in the throws of cold turkey potty training, we tend to want to keep quite a stash of undies here, and they want quite a stash of undies at school too….when they’re not misplacing them…but that’s another story.

So, yesterday, I went to Wal Mart (of the Super Variety!) to get some groceries for the house and some other things…and figured while I was there, I’d pick up some more undies for the Monkey. So, I head to the toddler section, as I can find undies small enough for the Monkey there (he’s between a 3T and 4T) and maybe score a second Diego (or other appropriate character) folding potty seat, because Isaac loves the one mom bought for him.

Well, this was another confirmation of the fact that it’s harder to buy things for boys than it is for girls.

In the section where they keep the undies, this is what I saw…

  • Faries (of the disney variety-they’re trying to replace the princess line..)
  • Princesses (See? they haven’t gotten rid of it yet!)
  • 10 pack girls’ undies
  • Dora
  • Curious George (FOR GIRLS!!)
  • Sesame Street (FOR GIRLS AGAIN!!)
  • 3 pack girls’ frilly undies
  • Thomas
  • Cars
  • Spider Man
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Barbie

Yeah. see? NOT ONE PLAIN PACK FOR BOYS! What the…

So, then I went to the potty seats…

it was Dora Overload. Not one boy seat to be found!

We ended up with Mickey Mouse and Spider Man.

So, the fact that we ended up with Spider Man leads me to my next lament, and yes, it’s kind of undie related-

What the heck is it with companies putting completely innapropriate characters on kids’ underwear? Even the “spider man and friends” set I got for Isaac has characters like Silver Surfer on it. HELLO! The Silver Surfer is not one I’d pick to have on my child’s undies or even in books (I found some of the Spider Man and Friends” series at the Dollar store-they’re making superheroes CUDDLY…Yes, ones who have shady backgrounds and shady jobs, and for cripes sake, Silver Surfer isn’t even a super hero of the regular variety!!), and full packs of Iron Man undies? What the…

and on the same token, High School Musical on little girls undies! What the…

I give up. If I had the time to sew my own, I would.


Entry filed under: parenting hell.

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