Can I please bitch slap Old Navy?

May 27, 2008 at 10:40 pm Leave a comment

Good lord, here we go again. There has GOT to be someone who has it out for me this time from Old Navy.


So, after knowing that I’ve got this package intercept on, I check the UPS shipping status. Umm..NO PACKAGE INTERCEPT IS ON THIS SUCKER! It’s being delivered, oh, tomorrow.

Enter yet another screaming phone call to Old Navy, where I have to repeat the entire story from the top for yet another poor customer service associate…and I tried to avoid this, becaiuse I asked for a supervisor. I told the poor soul who intercepted my phone call that it was not their fault and I felt that at this point, since I had been through 3 CSA”s, I needed a supervisor.

So, after having to repeat my story a 4th time to this person, I get a supervisor, who I have to tell the entire story to a 5th time.

Do we all see where this is going?

Well, Manager asks what I would like to see happen. I told her. Plain and simple. At this point, since I’ve tried to cancel the order 3x, and was given bad information, and nothing was ever done appropriately, I want my money back. I don’t care where the stinkin package is, I don’t even want to know. I want the $46.75 back in my account NOW. I don’t care what it takes, just stinkin do it.

So, she goes on and on about how she can give me a credit for next time (what the last CSA did…which went to a 15% discount on my next order. Whoopie.), and they’ve refunded my shipping, but ther’s nothing they can do until they have a package back in hand, and why don’t I just accept the package and return it at the store?

UMM…the last CSA told me I couldn’t do that. They told me what I bought was online exclusive and I was not allowed to return it to the store.

See Laura tear out her hair. See Laura attempt NOT to throttle manager through the phone. See Doug remove Isaac from the loft so I could have at this woman in private.

So, she asks me what my nearest store is. I’ve told her 3x that it’s on XXXtown Road. We go back and forth over the sematics of the city name…East Nowhere versus Scummy City. We live on the border. It’s 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other. If we use E. Nowhere, we get the good school district.

So, she finds the store and makes a call to the manager there and has a chat with her. They claim I can return the stuff there tomorrow. Yeah. sure. I’ll believe that when it goes well. I have a feeling that this will go horribly wrong because of what’s happened here.


So, the manager now tries to appease me after I’ve told her about the bonehead…and the comment that I didn’t post here, about “Oh, I thought you had Tourette’s Syndrome”, as I gave him words to make the “sound aline consonants” in my order number clearer, as well as the other 2 CSA’s who gave me bad information and didn’t set the package ntercept properly.

She says:

“Will 5.00 off your next order make this right?”

Lord. That won’t even cover shipping! No, this isn’t going to make it right. Just credit my card back for the money I spent and let me go on my merry waym and know, that this year, after Christmas, when I make my usual flurry of online orders of stuff for Isaac and myself and Doug on clearance, it’ll be in the store, and NOT through their website…because, I hate to say it, I’m addicted to their clothing.


So, we’ll see how things go tomorrow. It’s not nice to mess with a highly caffinated me. I’m still slightly buzzing from all of the caffine I downed today



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